Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bootcamp in McKinney!! $69

Hey peeps :)    {I NEVER thought that word would be part of my day-to-day lingo, but lately I have found myself spitting it out here and there.  It's a little catchy right?}

Okay so my first McKinney bootcamp starts in ONE WEEK!  If any of you are located near McKinney, check it out!  It's $69 for a 4-week outdoor camp that meets Tues & Thur mornings from 6-7am.  We'll focus on strengthening & tightening the core, toning the arms/legs/buns, and meeting friends/having a GOOD time :) Interested?  Email me @  roxyb{at}thegoodlifetexas.com or check out more detailed info on my website:  The Good Life by RoxyB

Yay!  Will totally be fun.  Promise.  Even if you hate me while you're there, you'll LOVE me (and your reflection) afterwards ;)

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