Thursday, September 29, 2011

He Did It Again!!

So there's a significant weather advisory around these parts, and it is thundering BIG time.  Cameron isn't a huge fan & wants to snuggle (which we love), but ever since we taught Avery that "God makes thunder & lightning", she just exclaims with excitement, "He did it again!" anytime she hears the thunder or sees the lightning.  CUTEness.  :)

In other news, I guess I pulled a muscle in my back.  Between my spine and my right shoulder blade, there is some major discomfort going on from my trap to the bottom of my shoulder blade, and it's been there for almost a week now.  It hurts with a firm touch, and feels like a pulled muscle.  When I lean against the back of a chair or lay on my back in bed, it spasms and is just...annoying.  It's definitely a muscle issue, not a joint/spine/bone issue (thankfully!).  But I'm not sure how to deal with it?  I spent a few days icing it (after making it worse by asking the hubs to give me a massage thinking I had "knots"), I've been taking anti-inflammatories, "resting" much as a mom of a 1 & 2 year old can rest anything :)  I'm not a fan of having to steer clear of working out OR not being able to roll around on the ground with my littles, so I'm hoping this thing leaves me alone soon!

And in other AWESOME news, the Rileton is back in the States for a few days, so we get to hang with him this weekend.  SUPER excited to spend time catching up on his life & God's work in Honduras.  And just pumped to chat and hang and let the girls love on BOTH of their uncles for a couple of days.  Super thankful for the times my fam gets to be together...yay for The Curry Connection!


Katy Livingston said...

Oh my gosh, Avery saying "He did it again!" So so cute!

Tori said...

"He did it again" - cutest thing I've ever heard! I love it! I love the excitement when the little ones learn something new. If only we all still had the child like excitement about God's creations :) That's a great thing to teach her, Rox & B. You guys are such great parents.