Saturday, September 10, 2011

Longhorn Football

After a slowwwww start {typical} the Horns just pulled out a comeback 1-pt victory over BYU.  Phew!  Starting the season 2-0.  I'll take it :)

After taking in tonight's game from my living room with my mini-Longhorns & my sis-n-law {B-Riz took a friend to the game} I'm super pumped about some things, and then not-so-pumped about some others.

YAY for:
  • The McCoy-Shipley Love Connection.  AGAIN.  I mean...seriously?  This couldn't possibly be more fairytale-esque.  Like father- like son- like OTHER son.  Cray.Zay.  ESPN will have a friggin field day with this.
  • The YOUTH of our team makes me HAPPY!  And makes me HOPEFUL for much success for the next few years.
  • The new coaching staff.  They got me super excited back in the Spring, and I'm thinking everything they had to say was super legit.  They've even got MACK extra pumped. The dude was basically doing heel-clicks on the sidelines.  Kind of cute.
  • Trickery on offense.  Yes, we actually threw in a trick play tonight!  Refreshing.  I'm diggin' our man from Boise.
  • The running back sitch.
  • Having 2 little behbehs to dress up on gamedays.  Superfun.  Great excuse for some additional burnt orange in the casa :)

NOT so yay for:
  • Garrett's STRUGGLES.  I don't get it.  This kid was sensational in high school right?  One of the most highly recruited kids in the country. Multiple-State-Record-Holding quarterback.  Led his team to 2 straight State Titles.  Won National Player of the Year.  Some even said he'd win the Heisman before his college career was finished.  And to top it all off, he's a good humble dude {at least he was back when we knew him...}  Makes me sad to see him continue to struggle :(  I'm praying for his future and for his psyche.
  • The lack of success @ receiver.  Jaxon Shipley can't catch every single ball in every single game.  
Will we continue to win in 2011?  Time will tell...  But win or lose, I heart my Texas Longhorns :)

PS- This ND/Michigan game is insanity!! Denard Robinson seems destined for victory.  Super happy for Brady Hoke :) And, I don't like to be a hater, but Coach Kelly made me want to puke last I'm not all THAT sad to see him experience another defeat.  Kudos to him for not publicly humiliating another one of his players this week though...

Okay.  Yay Longhorns!

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