Friday, September 16, 2011

Finding Your Inner Child: Lifegroup Bowling!

Our Lifegroup is kiiiind of awesome.  We have finally finished up our Revelation study, and instead of diving into the next one this week, we decided to have an adults-only night-o-fun during the week! (since it's nearly impossible to find a weekend that we're all in town).

We ended up @ Main Event in Frisco... totally cheap fun.  I didn't snap any pics of the bowling, but we all took a quick 10ish question survey while we were there to earn a $15 card to the arcade.  Let's just say that the neon lights brought out our inner children (who am I kidding...everything bring out our inner children!)
We played some air hockey, some DDR, did some shooting, you know...your typical arcade entertainment.  The grand finale of the evening was spent in the arcade's Man-Fest Corner with games that involved seeing who could kick a soccer ball & hit a punching bag with the most force.  Pretty entertaining :) 

Here's to my fav Lifegroupers :)  P.S.- We missed you, Simants Fam!!

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Tori said...

Aw, yay for a super fun LifeGroup evening! And hey, look at your super cute new blog header! love it.