Friday, July 29, 2011

Bye Bye, Yiyi...

Riles headed off to Honduras this morning.  My parents dropped him @ the airport @ 4am, so he's probably already arrived in Tegucigalpa and is on his merry way down to Mission Lazarus as we speak.  

The girls and I spent a couple of days in The SL this week, just for some quality time with the bro before he jetted off to South America.  The girls will totally miss their Uncle Rileton, as will the rest of us, but we're also super excited for him to be in this place to which God has called him SO clearly.  I know his heart is bursting with excitement and passion, and I guess we'll just be waiting around to hear from him :) 

Some pics from our time with the Yi.
piano lessons.

 saying  byebye to the babygirls!!

proud pops

loving momma <3

i love the rileton!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Peace Out, Lockout.

Fantasy Football addicts everywhere are rejoicing... 

I don't know about you people, but I am SO happy the NFL Lockout is OVER.  No more annoying non-news about the lockout 24/7 on Sportscenter.   I just hope they don't replace the Lockout story with their  attempts to hype the fabricated idea that Brett Favre might actually unretire for a 987th time. Or their coverage of how he's NOT planning on unretiring.  Seriously?  How is this "news"? I don't understand...  Maybe they'll replace it with a more frequent airing of the NOT Top 10, one of the greatest series' in the history of Sportscenter.  HA-larious :)

I'm just happy that my fall'o'2011 will be complete with some NFL action.  Maybe my Texans will finally make the playoffs...   :)  

Sunday, July 24, 2011

PJs & Pancakes!!

Like I said, we played it super low-key for Camo's first birthday party, and we lovvved it :)  We opted for a morning party, so that we could clean up the night before and get the party started early without having to worry about keeping the girls from demolishing the casa all day long.  Super low-stress way to do it.  B-Riz helped me clean up, set up tables, grocery shop, cut fruit, etc on Friday night.  When Saturday morning rolled around, all we had to do was cook!  We made eggs, bacon, sausage, and about 875,000 mini pancakes.  The 4 kiddos had super-fun crazy-straw cups to drink their milk out of, and the parentals had a little coffee bar along with some mimosa action :)  Originally, I had planned on letting the kiddos sit on a giant water proof blanket and "decorate" their pancakes with the assortment of toppings, but they were hungry, and we were lazy, and so we topped out kids pancakes and parked them @ the table to enjoy their masterpieces :)  Much easier, and they didn't know the difference!

Cameron got a super-cute pink lazy chair w/white polka-dots so that she doesn't have to fight Aves for the Longhorn recliner anymore.  Their 2 little toddler chairs are parked right next to each other in the living room and it's the cutest thing ever!  Camo's friends hooked her up with an impressive supply of Disney/Minnie gear which included a bobble-head-looking sippy cup, a book, a bowl, a stuffed baby-Minnie, AND Minnie slippers (cutest things everrr!)  Thank you guys for spending the day making her (me & B) feel special!  Thanks for being good sports & wearing your PJs.  Thanks for being our friends!  We love you Wegs & Simants!
adult table turned kids' table. they felt super cool :)


soooo excited to be skyping w/nonni & big poppy!

we can always count on aves to be a super awesome helper!

first of many minnie-items :)

Cutest litlte Minnie-slippers EVER.  and of course loving the Minnie sippy :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cameron Lily : My 1-yr Old Sweet Pea!!

God blessed Brian, Avery & I a year ago with the birth of our baby munchkin, Cameron Lily Bradford!  Can't believe you're 1, my sweet!!  We love having your spunky, silly, rambunctious little personality in our lives everyday, and we loved getting to celebrate just YOU this past weekend.  It hurts my heart sometimes that Cameron never gets a change to be in the spotlight all by herself, but this weekend was alllll about her!  
hi, im one!!

Friday was her actual birthday, which we spent @ the doc for her one-yr check-up.  

One Year Stats:

Height:  ?? (90% or something along those lines)
Weight:  20lb 4oz  (38%)
@ the doc

Words: hi, bye-bye, more "moh"
Tricks: high fives, blowing kisses, giving hugs, waving, dancing, bouncing, singing, climbing on EVERYthing
Fave things: giving hugs, morning snuggles, attention from big sis, snacks, avery's sippy, BLANKY!, the big purple bouncy ball, the pool

We met daddy for a little b-day lunch @ The Salad Stop, we ate cupcakes, C-Lil napped it up, and then we met some outta town friends @ Top Golf.  The boys played and Shelbs and I just loved on the girls :) It was a good night and a great day!
Proud daddy, wiped-out 1-yr-old!

Saturday morning was Camo's First Birthday Party!  We played it super low-key.  Just 2 other families & their kiddos, no out of town guests.  We missed the grandparentals FOR sure, but I canNOT tell you how awesome and adorable it was to have a small group.  We didn't miss a single detail of the little one's interactions.  Hope you had fun C-Lil!  We'll document the details when we get some pics!

Cameron, my angel baby, I adore every little thing about you.  It's crazy how completely you & Aves are in so many ways, but it's so super cool to see!  God has blessed you with gifts that differ big time from your what he's gifted your big sis with, and I think you two will be a killer team for His Kingdom when you grow up! I can't imagine a better morning than one spent on the couch w/CamCam snuggles.  I can't imagine a better road trip than one with little Camo singing along w/whatever music is on.  I can't imagine a better afternoon than one spent watching my baby munchkins play together and hug on each other.  I can't imagine a better life than the one you, your big sis, & your daddy give me every day!  You guys have all redefined who I am, and there's nothing I'd rather be than a mommy/wife to my wonnnderful little familia :)

Looking SO forward to watching you grow and change every single day, my sweet!  LOVE you SOOOOOO much!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Galveston 2011: The Curry Connection

The week we spent in Galveston was one of the greatest weeks I can remember having a lonnnng time.  The Curry fam hasn't had the opportunity to spend such an extended period of time together in years!  I adore my parents and my brothers, and of COURSE my sweet babygirls & my partner in crime B-Riz. Time spent with my fam TRULY blesses my life.  I could not be more thankful for such amazing, entertaining, loving, loyal, encouraging, supportive parentals/sibs/familia.  God hooked me UUUPPPP.

So.  Down to the dirty details. 

We least some of us did ;)

We swam

We played.

We cooked.  We cleaned.  We went on jogs.

We went out to eat

We sat in awe of God's creation.

We lounged.

We played games.

annnd we had some heart-to-hearts.

We adored the cuteness of the little munchkins

We built sandcastles

and we played in the waves.

We had some seriously awesome...

...grandparental time!

and we even had...

...some visitors!

We had jam sessions

totally dug into some popsicles

and devoured lots of watermelon!

Some of us even pampered ourselves a little....nothing like a Galvy mud facial ;)
We spent lots of quality time and just loved life together for a whole week!

Thanks momma & pops for gathering the fam for a super awesome week.  We were SUPER wiped out when we got home, but loved every second and would go back in a heartbeat!!  Love you Curry Connection!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Unsuccessful Toddler Movie Attempt

Since the 4th was our first day at home after a lonnnnng time away, we played it pretty low-key.  We all slept in, had a nice little breakfast, and then attempted to take the girls to see Cars 2.  First off, everyone in McKinney ahd the same idea.  It was PACKED with families full of youngsters!  Pretty cute :)  Cameron wasn't real into it (which we knew would be the case).  That child can not sit still for more than 5 seconds unless she's asleep, and since she zonked out in the car on the way there, expecting a nap DURING the movie was too much to ask :)  So, Cam & I hung out in the hall while B-Riz & Aves attempted to watch.  But that only lasted another 20 minutes.  They came out to meet us in the hall (along with 4 other moms entertaining their littles!) and we headed to lunch @ a new Mexican place we had never tried!  Papa Lopez Cantina.  Not bad, not awesome. 
waiting happily before the movie

as happiness waned, mouths were stuffed :)

a quick pic attempt during the 2.5 minutes all 4 of us were actually in the theater!!

Everyone napped when we got home, so I took advantage and worked on our disaster of a master bedroom!  It's basically a storage room with a bed in it, but I made a little bit of progress :)  The rest of the day was superrr relaxed.  We ate dinner @ home, but the girls down early and hung out in the back to watch the fireworks from was nice to have a little date night at home, just B-Riz and me :)   An early bedtime put a perfect end to a perfectly imperfect day!  Maybe next year we'll try to be a little more festive :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Beach Photo Shoot!

Here are some of my fave photos from our little family photo shoot on the beach in Galvy with Mrs. Lynn Kahla!  Thanks sooo much for making the trip, we LOVE the pics :)  I've still got to crop & edit them a bit before ordering any prints!  I want to order them ALL!! ...decisions decisions :)

so sweet together :)

heart MELTING <3

aalllllways chasing matter where we are!


the men in my life!

love my momma!!


2 best brothers in LIFE!!

the whole gang.

ha...cameron is QUICK!  big poppy saved her from the crashing waves...