Friday, July 29, 2011

Bye Bye, Yiyi...

Riles headed off to Honduras this morning.  My parents dropped him @ the airport @ 4am, so he's probably already arrived in Tegucigalpa and is on his merry way down to Mission Lazarus as we speak.  

The girls and I spent a couple of days in The SL this week, just for some quality time with the bro before he jetted off to South America.  The girls will totally miss their Uncle Rileton, as will the rest of us, but we're also super excited for him to be in this place to which God has called him SO clearly.  I know his heart is bursting with excitement and passion, and I guess we'll just be waiting around to hear from him :) 

Some pics from our time with the Yi.
piano lessons.

 saying  byebye to the babygirls!!

proud pops

loving momma <3

i love the rileton!!

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