Sunday, July 24, 2011

PJs & Pancakes!!

Like I said, we played it super low-key for Camo's first birthday party, and we lovvved it :)  We opted for a morning party, so that we could clean up the night before and get the party started early without having to worry about keeping the girls from demolishing the casa all day long.  Super low-stress way to do it.  B-Riz helped me clean up, set up tables, grocery shop, cut fruit, etc on Friday night.  When Saturday morning rolled around, all we had to do was cook!  We made eggs, bacon, sausage, and about 875,000 mini pancakes.  The 4 kiddos had super-fun crazy-straw cups to drink their milk out of, and the parentals had a little coffee bar along with some mimosa action :)  Originally, I had planned on letting the kiddos sit on a giant water proof blanket and "decorate" their pancakes with the assortment of toppings, but they were hungry, and we were lazy, and so we topped out kids pancakes and parked them @ the table to enjoy their masterpieces :)  Much easier, and they didn't know the difference!

Cameron got a super-cute pink lazy chair w/white polka-dots so that she doesn't have to fight Aves for the Longhorn recliner anymore.  Their 2 little toddler chairs are parked right next to each other in the living room and it's the cutest thing ever!  Camo's friends hooked her up with an impressive supply of Disney/Minnie gear which included a bobble-head-looking sippy cup, a book, a bowl, a stuffed baby-Minnie, AND Minnie slippers (cutest things everrr!)  Thank you guys for spending the day making her (me & B) feel special!  Thanks for being good sports & wearing your PJs.  Thanks for being our friends!  We love you Wegs & Simants!
adult table turned kids' table. they felt super cool :)


soooo excited to be skyping w/nonni & big poppy!

we can always count on aves to be a super awesome helper!

first of many minnie-items :)

Cutest litlte Minnie-slippers EVER.  and of course loving the Minnie sippy :)


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