Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Unsuccessful Toddler Movie Attempt

Since the 4th was our first day at home after a lonnnnng time away, we played it pretty low-key.  We all slept in, had a nice little breakfast, and then attempted to take the girls to see Cars 2.  First off, everyone in McKinney ahd the same idea.  It was PACKED with families full of youngsters!  Pretty cute :)  Cameron wasn't real into it (which we knew would be the case).  That child can not sit still for more than 5 seconds unless she's asleep, and since she zonked out in the car on the way there, expecting a nap DURING the movie was too much to ask :)  So, Cam & I hung out in the hall while B-Riz & Aves attempted to watch.  But that only lasted another 20 minutes.  They came out to meet us in the hall (along with 4 other moms entertaining their littles!) and we headed to lunch @ a new Mexican place we had never tried!  Papa Lopez Cantina.  Not bad, not awesome. 
waiting happily before the movie

as happiness waned, mouths were stuffed :)

a quick pic attempt during the 2.5 minutes all 4 of us were actually in the theater!!

Everyone napped when we got home, so I took advantage and worked on our disaster of a master bedroom!  It's basically a storage room with a bed in it, but I made a little bit of progress :)  The rest of the day was superrr relaxed.  We ate dinner @ home, but the girls down early and hung out in the back to watch the fireworks from was nice to have a little date night at home, just B-Riz and me :)   An early bedtime put a perfect end to a perfectly imperfect day!  Maybe next year we'll try to be a little more festive :)

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Holly Packer said...

We had the same experience with Cars 2! I guess we will have to try again when they are a little older lol!