Monday, July 11, 2011

Galveston 2011: The Curry Connection

The week we spent in Galveston was one of the greatest weeks I can remember having a lonnnng time.  The Curry fam hasn't had the opportunity to spend such an extended period of time together in years!  I adore my parents and my brothers, and of COURSE my sweet babygirls & my partner in crime B-Riz. Time spent with my fam TRULY blesses my life.  I could not be more thankful for such amazing, entertaining, loving, loyal, encouraging, supportive parentals/sibs/familia.  God hooked me UUUPPPP.

So.  Down to the dirty details. 

We least some of us did ;)

We swam

We played.

We cooked.  We cleaned.  We went on jogs.

We went out to eat

We sat in awe of God's creation.

We lounged.

We played games.

annnd we had some heart-to-hearts.

We adored the cuteness of the little munchkins

We built sandcastles

and we played in the waves.

We had some seriously awesome...

...grandparental time!

and we even had...

...some visitors!

We had jam sessions

totally dug into some popsicles

and devoured lots of watermelon!

Some of us even pampered ourselves a little....nothing like a Galvy mud facial ;)
We spent lots of quality time and just loved life together for a whole week!

Thanks momma & pops for gathering the fam for a super awesome week.  We were SUPER wiped out when we got home, but loved every second and would go back in a heartbeat!!  Love you Curry Connection!!

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