Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Avery's First Word

We noticed a little over a week ago that Avery has officially spoken her first word.

The honor goes to our boxer, Kerbey.  That's who Avery has chosen to call by name. really is the cutest thing ever.  The second we get her out of bed in the morning, she starts twisting around looking for her puppy and yelling, "KerKer".  She has since starting saying a few other words here and there, although they're not super consistent yet...

"dada"/"daddy"- daddy
"kah-kah"- quack quack
"bi"- bite
"gum"- camel

preeeeetty cute :) 


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update to the Max.

Last week, after Aves' doc apmt (and some antibiotics) I've got a much happier 10mo old on my hands!  On the 2nd day of medication, my little munchkin returned to me.  I had almost forgotten how happy and friendly and talkative she is haha. I missed her.

On Saturday, I drove to Shreveport for my cousin Lexie's bachelorette party.  WhoooO!  I was excited, yet apprehensive (being pregnant for a crazy night in Shreveport could go either way...), but we ended up having a BLASSSSST!!  We gambled for all of 45 minutes, ate YUMMY mexican food, and danced our little hearts out at a couple of different places until 3:45am. read that right 3FRIGGIN:45.  Ha!  I literally almost passed out from exhaustion at 10:30, hit my second wind around 11:15 (after sitting against the wall with 7 other ppl over the age of 70- NOT kidding), almost passed out again around 2, and then totally enjoyed the rest of the night!  Can't wait til your wedding Lex!! Love you!!

Brian and Avery had a super fun time while I was away preggy-partying it up.  While mommy was driving through rain & snow, Ave & daddy hung out, snuggled, napped together, went to a birthday party, watched it snow...  sweet daddy/daughter bonding time.  Glad they got to do it :)  It's pretty awesome having such cool ppl to come home to!!

This week has FLOWN by....anyone else agree?

Monday night we headed up to Noah's house to help him finish putting up a new fence.  His pups get out ALL THE TIME and he finally caved and splurged to build a new heavy-duty fence to keep them in!  Brian & Noah did the hard work, Avery & I offered a woman's eye to make sure it looked goooood, and Kayla cooked everyone a DELISH dinner!!  Fun/Yum.

Today I literally spent 4 hours in the kitchen.  Straight.  I never, I repeat, NEVER do that.  First, I made some yummy easter treats to send to Riles in Honduras.  THEN I made some yummy desserts to chill in the fridge while I made dinner.  Then I made dinner.  And it was yum.  All of it...if I do say so myself.  None of it was difficult AT all, so I guess I can't be that proud of myself ha.  So I cleaned the kitchen THREE times.  I LOVE having a clean kitchen.  I don't always love the cleaning process...but once it's super's all worth it :)

Michael Bonine passed away.  It was a shock to find out he was in the hospital, a shock to hear that he was fighting for his life, and then a shock to find out he was gone.  It's amazing how quickly your world can just COMPLETELY change.  Of course it's so incredibly EXCITING for Michael- he's with Jesus...hanging out in heaven.  I mean, seriously- that's AWESOME.  But man- my heart aches for his siblings.  I can't imagine losing one of my brothers right now.  I would miss them SO much!!!  My heart aches so bad for his parents too.  The thought of EVER having to watch Avery die hurts me.  And I can't even begin to imagine what his wife is feeling.  When I think about what we would do if God decided it was time for Brian to come home anytime soon, it kind of scares me.  God's plan is the most perfect thing ever, but it can surrrrre be difficult to deal with sometimes.  God, wrap your comforting arms around those Bonines/Hills/Onsteads!!!  Still trying to figure out if I'll be able to make the visitation tomorrow evening...

OH- almost forgot.  On Tuesday Ave & I met Abby & Colt at the arboretum.  We've been trying to do this for weeks, and since Avery is finally herself, we took advantage of the amaaaazing weather and headed out amongst the GORGEOUS flowers & millions of Dallas mommys!!  Totally had a blast!  Check out Abby's blog for some dang cute pics.  Colt is one of the cutest little things ever....SUCH a talker- very impressive little guy :)  And he loved Avery so much he gave her SMOOCHES...more than once.  It was his first I think Avery probably feels pretty special ha. 

Well we're headed to Lufkin this wknd to hang out with The Bradfords/Nana & Poppa.  Plus I've got to run over the Nac on Sat for one of Lexie's bridal showers! YAY!  Let the wedding fun begin!! Hope everyone has a tremend weekend! 

Monday, March 15, 2010


Off to the doc (finally!) tomorrow morning @ 950 to see if we can kill this crazy congestion issue that avery's got goin' on.  YAY.

ALLLL Avery has wanted to do lately is read.  Or play outside.  Unless we're doing either of those 2 things, she's not super pumped about life.

We signed on another 6-mo lease @ our apartment complex...3 BRs this time....makin' room for little Cameron!! CRAZY!!

I ordered some PBkids bedding for Cameron, but was having second thoughts about it....I got an email today that gave me an out.  It's on backorder for a few weeks, so I now have the option to cancel with a full refund!  What to do, what to do... I do LOVE the bedskirt...

This wknd I'm heading to Shreveport for my cousin's bachelorette party!!!  I'm excited, but actually pretty sad to leave Aves behind!!  I know her daddy will take good care of her...but I'll miss them both :(

Kerbs has some strange infection in the scar tissue of her healed belly incision.  She's on meds and we're HOPING it doesn't get worse! :(

Oh...another thing that makes Avery happy is when B plays the guitar and we sing some good country tunes together :)

A couple days ago I bought some little kid chairs from a lady in our neighborhood and I'm gonna paint one for Avery and one for Cameron...they'll be super cute&girly...I'm excited :)

AND I think I'm gonna buy a kids table & chairs from some other dude around here (from Craigslist) and repaint them super cute.  New hobby?  Perhaps...

I have my sewing machine...still haven't played w/it...sick little Ave has been keeping my hands TIED and hasn't been much of a napper.  As soon as she's's at the top of my to-do list though.  Yipppeeee :)

I'm excited for American Idol tomorrow.  I like when they really start narrowing the field....less awkward/painful performances to watch :) 

I'm also excited about March Madness!!!  I don't even have to skip work/class to watch the games this yr!  Sweeeeeet.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today feels like our first Saturday @ home w/no huge plans in FOREVERRRRRR....and I am PUMPED about it.

Today we're going out to lunch, to get our hurrr cut, & to just hang out as a fam.

Today I'm going to go sit by the pool and read a book in SHORTS and a TANK TOP while Avery takes her nap.

Today Avery & I get to hang out with Brian allllllll dayyyyy lonnnnggggg.

Today the sun is-a-blazing and it's over 70 degrees!

Today is a GOOD day :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Would Love...

to sleep in until 10am one morning.

That would be awesome.

I don't think Avery agrees....oh well. :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Got Sunshiiiine...

This super incredibly great weather has come at the PERFECT time.  I was under the weather big time for an straight 7 days...and Avery has been now for about 4 or 5 days.  Being able to take a walk or go play on a blanket out in the SUNSHIIIINE has def helped keep us sane around here since we haven't really been able to go anywhere else in public for fear of spraying people with nasty cough germs... ha, EW.

Thanks God for the beautiful sunny days this week!!


So now that I'm feeling a little better and actually sleeping...I have the brainpower to blog!! Yay :)

This past wknd, the Bradfords loaded up and headed down to The Shoog to stay with my parents.  They took Brian and me to the rodeo on Saturday to see Jason Aldean....SOOOOO GOOD!  We all reallyyy like his music, but were super impressed with his performance.  His vocals were just basically flawless, and he did a great job being chill, but still entertaining :)  Way to go, Jason :)  I even recorded some little clips from a few of my fav songs...if I can get my phone to load them a little bit faster I'll post an excerpt so you can hear how great he sounded! we got there early enough to see the actual rodeo as well as the concert, which I have learned to really enjoy!  I must say- the Mutton'Bustin' is one of the most friggin hilarious things I have ever seen in my life.  I was pretty much crying the whole time.

ANNNND- Our rodeo experience was baby-free! I think that's the longest outing Brian and I have had without Avery around....thanks to Mrs. Julie Thorwaldson who was a super great babysitter (and the rest of the Thor fam too...)  Thank you SO much for giving B and I a day/night out!!

And thanks mom&dad for the tix and for taking us with you!  We had a blast :)

Oh my goodness...on Sunday morning at church (@ FCCC- I LOVE visiting that place...) Avery was all over the place.  After we got her from social hour in the nursery, she showed off all of her tricks for about 30 minutes in the church building for whoever was around to enjoy lol.   She was walking all over the place, falling down, stumbling sideways, clapping, blabbing....just being a goofball.  And then after lunch- she was more exhausted than ever!  She slept pretty much the entire 5-hour drive back home!!

Can't wait to see some of our fav ppl from Sugar Land over Easter Camping Wknd!!!! Less than 4 weeks awayyyy!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweet Layla

God brought his sweet baby girl Layla home this morning.

Today is one of the most beautiful days I can remember... I'm thinking that maybe it's because there's a new beautiful little 2-yr-old angel in heaven :)

Continue to pray for Layla's mommy/daddy/& 2 sisters... I just can't fathom the loss they'll be feeling for quite some time.  But thank you, Lord, for relieving little Layla Grace of her pain & bringing her home to run & play & giggle with You & the angels!

Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Months!!!

Happy 10mo of life, Aves!!  We love you soooooooooooooo much :)

You are SERIOUSLY starting to grow up.  It's so weird.  We are totally loving watching it happen, but it's just hard to believe how much you change in such a tiny amount of time!

You are...
*mosdef going through a growth spurt right thighs and cheeks are getting chunkier and I would bet you've gained a pound in the last week and a half.
*a pro @ walking.  Of course you still fall over sometimes, but you can just walk from room to room at an alarmingly fast pace.  Impressive sister :)
*obsessed with bobbing your head
*in love with The Wiggles
*super social...LOVE the nursery....LOVE other kids...LOVE the playground...
*a chatter-box....but only baby-language so far :)
*teething!  You finally have 2 cute little teeth on the bottom.
*going to bed around 7:45 and unfortunately waking up between 6 & 630!
*napping in the mornings again, and also in the afternoon...but they're both SHORT!
*still bffs w kerbey and kind of learning to play nice.  pretty darn cute.
*getting a little bit more attached to your mommy :)
*a super great table food eater.  your new fav food?  GRAHAM CRACKERS!!
*NOT a pro w your sippy cup, but we finally discovered that you can drink out of a straw!
*taking 2 bottles a day...wake-up & night-night.
*still a dancing machine
*getting better @ play it pretty much whenever you hear the word, "where?"
*are the sweetest little thing and you make your mommy & daddy VERRRRY HAPPY!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Avery Nicole Bradford has her first tooth!! 

I was trying to get something out of her mouth today and felt a sharp little thing....a TOOTH...on the bottom.  YAY!  We don't have a pic bc she will NOT open her mouth without sticking her tongue out.  And if we attempt to assist let's just say she's not a fan.   We are pretty shocked bc she really hasn't been super fussy or sleepless or anything...she hasn't taken good naps, but hey i'll take a good night's sleep over a good nap anyday!  I have a feeling that when the rest of them start poking through we might be in for more of an ordeal!  Anyway, YAY for teeth!

On another note-  I am NOT feeling good.  My throat hurts.  My head hurts.  I've been a little congested (but I think that's more pregnancy-related).  Hopefully I'm not coming down with anything!  Going to bed NOW...lots of rest while munchkin sleeps...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crib Bedding!!

Now that we know we're having another little girlie...I am on the prowl for the perfect crib bedding!  Thus far, I've had no luck finding anything perfect.  I know I don't want anything that's predominantly pink.   I'm hoping to find something more natural....with yellow or teal...or the main color.  Our crib is dark brown wood.  One little issue I keep coming across is that "Cameron" is kind of a gender-neutral name, so I want the bedding to be girly!!...just not pink.  AH!

Oh.  And I also don't want to pay a ton.  Picky?  Yes.  I know.  

Let me know if you have any ideas of where to look!  I've scoured the websites of Target, Babies'R'Us, BuyBuyBaby, BabyDirect.  I'm thinking I might have to pick out the fabrics and have a bumper & skirt made.... but that freaks me out.  BC what if I do NOT like the result?!  Ah.

Good thing I've got 4 months!!

I love this one:  HOWEVER- my love is not worth $700!!
picture credit: