Thursday, March 11, 2010


So now that I'm feeling a little better and actually sleeping...I have the brainpower to blog!! Yay :)

This past wknd, the Bradfords loaded up and headed down to The Shoog to stay with my parents.  They took Brian and me to the rodeo on Saturday to see Jason Aldean....SOOOOO GOOD!  We all reallyyy like his music, but were super impressed with his performance.  His vocals were just basically flawless, and he did a great job being chill, but still entertaining :)  Way to go, Jason :)  I even recorded some little clips from a few of my fav songs...if I can get my phone to load them a little bit faster I'll post an excerpt so you can hear how great he sounded! we got there early enough to see the actual rodeo as well as the concert, which I have learned to really enjoy!  I must say- the Mutton'Bustin' is one of the most friggin hilarious things I have ever seen in my life.  I was pretty much crying the whole time.

ANNNND- Our rodeo experience was baby-free! I think that's the longest outing Brian and I have had without Avery around....thanks to Mrs. Julie Thorwaldson who was a super great babysitter (and the rest of the Thor fam too...)  Thank you SO much for giving B and I a day/night out!!

And thanks mom&dad for the tix and for taking us with you!  We had a blast :)

Oh my goodness...on Sunday morning at church (@ FCCC- I LOVE visiting that place...) Avery was all over the place.  After we got her from social hour in the nursery, she showed off all of her tricks for about 30 minutes in the church building for whoever was around to enjoy lol.   She was walking all over the place, falling down, stumbling sideways, clapping, blabbing....just being a goofball.  And then after lunch- she was more exhausted than ever!  She slept pretty much the entire 5-hour drive back home!!

Can't wait to see some of our fav ppl from Sugar Land over Easter Camping Wknd!!!! Less than 4 weeks awayyyy!!!!

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Sounds like a good time!