Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update to the Max.

Last week, after Aves' doc apmt (and some antibiotics) I've got a much happier 10mo old on my hands!  On the 2nd day of medication, my little munchkin returned to me.  I had almost forgotten how happy and friendly and talkative she is haha. I missed her.

On Saturday, I drove to Shreveport for my cousin Lexie's bachelorette party.  WhoooO!  I was excited, yet apprehensive (being pregnant for a crazy night in Shreveport could go either way...), but we ended up having a BLASSSSST!!  We gambled for all of 45 minutes, ate YUMMY mexican food, and danced our little hearts out at a couple of different places until 3:45am. read that right 3FRIGGIN:45.  Ha!  I literally almost passed out from exhaustion at 10:30, hit my second wind around 11:15 (after sitting against the wall with 7 other ppl over the age of 70- NOT kidding), almost passed out again around 2, and then totally enjoyed the rest of the night!  Can't wait til your wedding Lex!! Love you!!

Brian and Avery had a super fun time while I was away preggy-partying it up.  While mommy was driving through rain & snow, Ave & daddy hung out, snuggled, napped together, went to a birthday party, watched it snow...  sweet daddy/daughter bonding time.  Glad they got to do it :)  It's pretty awesome having such cool ppl to come home to!!

This week has FLOWN by....anyone else agree?

Monday night we headed up to Noah's house to help him finish putting up a new fence.  His pups get out ALL THE TIME and he finally caved and splurged to build a new heavy-duty fence to keep them in!  Brian & Noah did the hard work, Avery & I offered a woman's eye to make sure it looked goooood, and Kayla cooked everyone a DELISH dinner!!  Fun/Yum.

Today I literally spent 4 hours in the kitchen.  Straight.  I never, I repeat, NEVER do that.  First, I made some yummy easter treats to send to Riles in Honduras.  THEN I made some yummy desserts to chill in the fridge while I made dinner.  Then I made dinner.  And it was yum.  All of it...if I do say so myself.  None of it was difficult AT all, so I guess I can't be that proud of myself ha.  So I cleaned the kitchen THREE times.  I LOVE having a clean kitchen.  I don't always love the cleaning process...but once it's super's all worth it :)

Michael Bonine passed away.  It was a shock to find out he was in the hospital, a shock to hear that he was fighting for his life, and then a shock to find out he was gone.  It's amazing how quickly your world can just COMPLETELY change.  Of course it's so incredibly EXCITING for Michael- he's with Jesus...hanging out in heaven.  I mean, seriously- that's AWESOME.  But man- my heart aches for his siblings.  I can't imagine losing one of my brothers right now.  I would miss them SO much!!!  My heart aches so bad for his parents too.  The thought of EVER having to watch Avery die hurts me.  And I can't even begin to imagine what his wife is feeling.  When I think about what we would do if God decided it was time for Brian to come home anytime soon, it kind of scares me.  God's plan is the most perfect thing ever, but it can surrrrre be difficult to deal with sometimes.  God, wrap your comforting arms around those Bonines/Hills/Onsteads!!!  Still trying to figure out if I'll be able to make the visitation tomorrow evening...

OH- almost forgot.  On Tuesday Ave & I met Abby & Colt at the arboretum.  We've been trying to do this for weeks, and since Avery is finally herself, we took advantage of the amaaaazing weather and headed out amongst the GORGEOUS flowers & millions of Dallas mommys!!  Totally had a blast!  Check out Abby's blog for some dang cute pics.  Colt is one of the cutest little things ever....SUCH a talker- very impressive little guy :)  And he loved Avery so much he gave her SMOOCHES...more than once.  It was his first I think Avery probably feels pretty special ha. 

Well we're headed to Lufkin this wknd to hang out with The Bradfords/Nana & Poppa.  Plus I've got to run over the Nac on Sat for one of Lexie's bridal showers! YAY!  Let the wedding fun begin!! Hope everyone has a tremend weekend! 

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