Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Months!!!

Happy 10mo of life, Aves!!  We love you soooooooooooooo much :)

You are SERIOUSLY starting to grow up.  It's so weird.  We are totally loving watching it happen, but it's just hard to believe how much you change in such a tiny amount of time!

You are...
*mosdef going through a growth spurt right thighs and cheeks are getting chunkier and I would bet you've gained a pound in the last week and a half.
*a pro @ walking.  Of course you still fall over sometimes, but you can just walk from room to room at an alarmingly fast pace.  Impressive sister :)
*obsessed with bobbing your head
*in love with The Wiggles
*super social...LOVE the nursery....LOVE other kids...LOVE the playground...
*a chatter-box....but only baby-language so far :)
*teething!  You finally have 2 cute little teeth on the bottom.
*going to bed around 7:45 and unfortunately waking up between 6 & 630!
*napping in the mornings again, and also in the afternoon...but they're both SHORT!
*still bffs w kerbey and kind of learning to play nice.  pretty darn cute.
*getting a little bit more attached to your mommy :)
*a super great table food eater.  your new fav food?  GRAHAM CRACKERS!!
*NOT a pro w your sippy cup, but we finally discovered that you can drink out of a straw!
*taking 2 bottles a day...wake-up & night-night.
*still a dancing machine
*getting better @ play it pretty much whenever you hear the word, "where?"
*are the sweetest little thing and you make your mommy & daddy VERRRRY HAPPY!!!


Gabby said...

She's such a big girl. I can't wait 'til Cady is sleeping for that long!

Kristin Alexander said...

I love that Avery and Kerbey are such good little friends-- it makes me smile!

Tbaby said...

HAHAHAHA! I'm soo happy I have been able to witness some of these new things..makes me feel less left out..the graham crackers, head bobbing, baby babble, dancing...I love Avery and can't wait til May 8th!! woohooo!!