Monday, January 31, 2011

Can You Go ONE DAY Without Shoes??

Well...can you?

What if I told you it was for a super cool cause?

Okay.  So I am SURE that by now you've heard of TOMS Shoes.  Toms are the bomb.  For many reasons.  They're super cute.  They offer styles to suit ANYone's taste.  They are insanely comfy & durable.  But most of all, when you buy a pair of TOMS, another brand spanking new pair is sent to a shoeless child somewhere else in the world.  AWESOMENESS.  You should check them out.  AND buy a pair for yourself (and give a sweet little kiddo a new pair of shoes!)

Now...about this no shoes thing... TOMS Shoes has an event once a year to raise awareness the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child's life.  The challenge is to go One Day Without Shoes.  This short video is really cool and puts it in perspective.  PLEASE take a sec to check it :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photo Shoot: Pretty Matchy Dresses :)

My momma got these pretty frilly dresses for my babygirls before Elizabeth's wedding last wknd.  Sad story- they were never able to wear them.  SO- they rocked them @ church this morning and looked INSANELY cute doing it :)  We had a little photo sesh when we got home.  This one's for you Nonni!
Work it.

Camo is always more interested in Aves than ANYTHING else going on...

Sweet sis-kiss.

is it too much to ask to BOTH smile in the same pic?  YES.  cute nonetheless :)
Show me your teethies!

Happy Munchkin

Pretty Pretty Princess

Hungry Angel.

Sleeping Angel.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Lovey-Dovies!

I heart spending my day with my little lovey-dovey babygirls :)

Nail Polish Swappage!! Funfun.

We can always count on Mer to host some kind of fun blog swaperoo!  Her latest gem is a "Polished Nail Polish Swap".  Head over to her post to read the deets & sign up!  Doesn't matter where you live...if you're capable of sending/receiving mail, you automatically qualify.  And NO, it is not creepy if you have no clue who she is.  Go ahead and sign up if you want a fun new shade of polish.

I'm totally doing it.  You should too. Yippeeee!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Presenting: Mrs. Elizabeth Owen Roark!!

I think it's SO super cool that on any bride's wedding day, she is automatically the most beautiful thing in the matter what room she's in.  Seriously!  Have you ever noticed that?  I mean....brides always have "that glow"...but they really truly just become like...8000 times more beautiful on their wedding day.  My sweeeeeet college roomski, Elizabeth, was a perfect example of that this weekend at her wedding!  Soooo beautiful!  Can't wait to see some pics from the weekend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bunco Wins & Fake Tans!!

So.  As you know, I play Bunco once a month with my gurrrrrls.   Welllllll...tonight I WON!  ...for "Most Wins"  Hollaaaa.  Monumental occasion :)  If you don't play Bunco, you should.  It's basically an excuse for a girls' night out.  Love.

I ducked out a bit early bc my friend Jennifer of Tantrum Tans is offering $10 tans through tomorrow (she's training a newbie).  Since I'm in Elizabeth Bratten Owen Almost Roark's wedding on Saturday, I figured I'd spare everyone the pain of watching Casper the Friendly Bridesmaid (as Mer put it) strut her stuff down the aisle.  Tantrum Tans does the GREATEST job.  I am anti tanning booth.  Big time.  I'm somewhat anti spray tan.  But... I reluctantly tried the airbrush tan thing back in September when Jennifer and I were in a wedding together... GREAT stuff.

So anyway...tonight I'm a superrrr tan bunco winner.  I kinda like it :)

If you live in/near Denton, Frisco, or Dallas, check out Tantrum Tan's website or facebook page.  Jennifer's prices are awesome, the tans looks AH-mazing, and they LAST!!  Go give it a try & tell her Roxanne sent you!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today was a Good Day. Yesterday, however...

Today was a good day.

Since Cameron has officially reached the 6mo mark, I can take her to the gym with me! YIPPEEEEEE!!! This means that I get to work out AT the gym during the DAY!!  Hollaaaa.  SO exciting.  Today was my first day.  I was a little bit nervous about the childcare sitch @ 24, but they surprised me!  There were a lot of workers there, and they were loving on the kids every time I peeked in!  They even gave me a detailed report when I came to get the munchkins.  Even better: Aves didn't cry when I dropped them off.  I asked her to go give one of the little girls a hug and off she went!  Peace out mom.  Holla back.

I've been pretty pooped considering that B & I have stayed up late the last few nights giving the redbox some love.  We've watched The Town, The Social Network, Eat Pray Love, Dinner for Schmucks.  Liked them all.  We used to be movie-watching maniacs, but until this last week had taken a major hiatus from one of our fav things [#parentsof2babies].  I still want to see Harry Potter, Narnia, Tangled, Wall Street, Toy Story 3.... we'll get there :)  MAN...having a TV in our room again provides for such great me&B time.  I missed it!!  Love you Boo!

When B-Riz got home we headed out for dinner and ran a few errands.  Made a few Christmas gift exchanges and got some great stuff in return!  Excited!  Haven't shopped for anyone over the age of 2 (besides Christmas) in like...2 years?  Nice little treat.  Especially when you don't spend one cent out of your own pocket :)

Yes, today was a simple, good day.

Yesterday, however, was NOT a good day.  It was full of lots of sadness for lots of people that we love.  In a sense it was good, because we got the opportunity to spread some love/support/encouragement to some of those people.  But UGH.  It hurts when you have to watch people hurting.  And it hurts WORSE when you can't do a single thing about it.  Well...except pray. Which is the single GREATEST thing we can do.... anyway...

Yesterday took a SHARP upward turn mid-afternoon.  It was an extremely welcomed bit of good news.  It's weird to feel such EXTREME emotions for people all in the same day.  Complete Heartbreak.  Gut-Wrenching Empathy.  Straight up Pity.  Over the Top Elation.  Rollercoaster.

Tomorrow is a new day...we'll see what God's got on Wednesday's menu  :)  Hastaaaa...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Have You Heard about LOVE DROP??

Head over to my left sidebar & click on their logo to go directly to LoveDrop's website.  BUT FIRST, read below!!

I am so beyond pumped to have discovered this superrrr cool organization :) Love Drop is a micro-giving network of people who unite as a community to help one person or family a month. By subscribing to the team for as low as $1, they make it easy for their members to change lives in a fun and tangible way. Each month Love Drop delivers a unique combination of unexpected financial gifts, personal encouragement and the support of local and online communities.

There are SO MANY people out there who are in need of majorrrr help.  My heart is touched SO often by stories I hear of people that I am just dying to help in some way!  It's so difficult to know where to go to be of service.  UNTIL NOW.  Join me in making it your mission to help the 12 families that Love Drop is going to support this year.

Every month the Love Drop community will come together to raise as much support and awareness as possible.   At the end of the month, the 2 founders of Love Drop will show up on one family's doorstep to deliver any/all gifts that have been gathered over the month.  Um. AMAZINGness.

Check out Love Drop's first recipient:  Jill.  Here's her story:

The very first company to truly believe in Love Drop was YUMMY  restaurant Kona Grill. They’ve been instrumental in pushing LD forward and are Love Drop's first official sponsor.  Be sure to find one in your area & show them some love :)

How you can help

This project is all about coming up with creative and fun ways to make a difference for someone. Here’s what you can do to make the first Love Drop special for Jill and her family:
  • Join the team – Become a member by paying whatever you want each month. Even $1.00.
  • Blog about our Love Drops once a month! It’s easy, it’s rewarding, and it REALLY helps spread the word (which in turn helps the families!). We’ll give you all the content you need.
  • Give a gift – Gift cards, clothes, a homemade scarf, a bike, whatev.
  • Provide a service – Web design, tax help, legal services, etc.
(Email all ideas/questions to team (at), they’ll make it happen)

That’s it guys. It really is that easy to help. Come join the mission and be a part of something COOL! 

Cameron Lily: 6 Months

height: TBD
weight: TBD
head: TBD

official 6mo. picture: coming soon...

for now, this will do:

Craziness.  Goes by SO much faster with the second.  And I feel like I don't soak in every teeny tiny little moment like I did with the first.  Which is kind of sad when I think about it.  But I DO cherish every single solitary day with the little monkey.  No doubt about that.  She is awesome and cute and sweet and goofy and entertaining and just makes us SUPER happy :)

Sidenote: I LOVE that my bday and Cam's 1/2 bday are only 1 day apart!! Yay! 

@ 6 months the Caminator is:
  • on all fours rocking back and forth.  hilar.
  • getting more armstrength but totally still faceplants sometimes.  also hilar.
  • super ticklish.  love ittttt.
  • a drooling machine.
  • rockin' a little bit more hair (still blonde) but more importantly, she's got about 5 crazy hairs that are 6 inches long.  love them.  REFUSE to cut them.
  • trying veggies and NOT diggin.  just started a few days ago.  still working on that
  • sleeping from about 830-800 with a few wake ups in there randomly
  • usually wakes up for a bottle between 5 & 6
  • lovelovelovelovelovesssss bathtime.  splashing queen.  esp when she & ave bathe together.  awesomeness.
  • super bouncy in the jumperoo!!
  • screams when she gets frustrated OR just wants attention.  it's really funny and really annoying @ times.  she totally looks like she's gonna bust a blood vessel in her forehead.  cracks me up.
  • is obsessed with all toys that play music or make noise (i.e. choo-choo, keyboard, keys)
  • has taken a paci a couple of times this week randomly?? maybe she'll be a paci baby after all...
  • naps kind of randomly but always gets one good 2 hour nap in
  • totally enchanted by watching BigSis.  or any other toddler for that matter.  LOVES all of avery's friends.
  • never wants to miss out on what's going on
  • has become kind of chatty lately
  • can sit up for a while on her own, but can't get that way by herself yet!
  • does super awesome in the nursery every week (SO thankful for that)
  • loves books but is more interested in eating them than reading them
 So blessed by this little munchkin's life!  The giggles, the cuddles, the drooliness, the grins, the excited spazzy moments, and even the screams make life in the Bradford casa THAT much better.  God- Your creation that You have entrusted to B-Riz & I is awesome.  THANK YOU!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

On My 26th Birthday...

I'm thankful for:
  • the health & happiness of mi familia
  • my hubs: his hard work to provide for his leading ladies, his patience w/my brainlessness, his love, his silliness, his adoration for our babygirrrls, that he cares what I think
  • my sweeeeet little rugrats!
  • the fact that I'm able to stay home w the behbehs while B-Riz provides financially for the fam. thx boo!
  • all of the super amazing friends that God has blessed me with in life...and all of the ones He continues to hook me up with!
  • my Lifegroup.  Love you fools.
  • our new casa.
  • that my BFFs are still my BFFs no matter where we are in life!!
  • my bros who are both such blessings to me and to soooo many others!
  • the parentals who i love, respect, laugh at with, and have learned SO much from
  • cupcakes
  • having access to & knowledge about nutritious foods
  • God's provision in SO many ways: financial, emotional, relational, spiritual, etc...
  • Avery's dance moves
  • Avery's little playmates: Tatum & Carson
  • Shrek & the way he can keep Avery's attention for a FULL HOUR. ;)
I'm sad about:
  • Brent Weaver's continuing battle with cancer
  • Kelly having to watch cancer suck her mom's life away
  • friends in difficult & lonely places
  • a special person's difficulty with a cancer diagnosis
  • Yao Ming.  His sitch seriously makes me sad.  Weird?  Maybe.  But I can't help it.
  • The amount of human sex trafficking that happens EVERY.DAY. in the United States
  • new parents being told that their babies have Neuroblastoma.  UGH.
  • A sweet friend's brother who is an addict in rehab.  He's fighting to steal his life back from his addiction.
I'm optimistic about:
  • getting my training/bootcamp business going!
  • my brother's future!
  • growing relationships with our friends up here in the DFdub
  • the upcoming marriage of my roomski!
  • the way God is using a way cool girl, Mrs. KML
I'm looking forward this year to:
  • visiting the Reidster in Lubbock & watching some Tech Rugby domination
  • seeing where Rileton ends up!
  • getting more involved @ Hope Fellowship!
  • watching Cam & Ave's relationship continue to grow.  CUTENESS.
  • Jacci &  Scarlett coming to visit!
  • Enjoying 2 childless vacays with the hubs!
  • finding new ways to serve & love people
  • NOT being pregnant! (although if i were to find out that I was, how could i NOT be pumped?)
  • playing some sport, any sport again!  Miss me some athletic activity!!
  • watching hubs take on more leadership roles @ work.  what a stud :)
  • working out during the day bc Camo is finally old enough for the Child Care Center!!
  • Cameron's first year milestones
  • FINALLY learning to sew!!
I'm praying for:
  • continued health for my family & the ppl closest to me!
  • lots of love, joy, & truth in the hearts of my babygurrrrls
  • continued professional success for B-Riz
  • improved organization in my life so that I can better use my time, my gifts to do what I feel God leading me to do
  • spiritual discipline
I'm reading:
  • Nelson Mandela's autobiography
  • The Bible (1-yr plan w the hubs!)
  • Decision Points
  • The Help
  • cupcakes
  • TOMS
  • blogging
  • jogging/working out
  • wearing scarves!
  • the snow outside my window
  • Ben Folds
  • my kindle
  • Glee
  • keeping my house clean
  • game nights
  • John Makenzie
  • Skype
  • my morning coffee
  • AIO
  • having a playroom
  • embracing my natural self...darker hair, pastier skin & all!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Zodiac Sign!??! What the...

Well.  Today is a big day.  Today marks the day that I am no longer a Capricorn.  According to some astronomer dude, shifts in the earth's alignment have led to the discovery of...brace yourselves...a 13th ZODIAC SIGN...the Ophiuchus?? Hmm...

Okay... I'm serious about this story...but I'm totally kidding about caring.  I have never and probably WILL never care what my horoscope says on any given day.  For all of you who DO care though, I thought you might like to know :)

So from one capricorn sagittarius to another...
sleep tight, 
don't let the Ophiuchus bite...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

College Fund Advice NEEDED!!

Okay...the Bradford familia is now accepting ANY and ALL input on what type of account to open in each of our kiddo's names!! I have been researching and asking around, but no one really seems to have much specific input.  I NEED IT!!!  These are the funds we'll use as Avery & Cameron's "college funds". 

I'm serious.  Give me your input/advice/experience...whatever you got!! 

Ready, GO!!

Muchos Gracias [in advance]  :)

Calling All Prego's!!

For all you pregos out there... want to exercise but not sure what"s safe??

Here's a helpful resource!!

Fitness By RoxyB: Exercise During Pregnancy: "*Key Fact* The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day during pregna..."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prayers for Kelly's Mom

My sweet friend Kelly (the wedding/event planner) is about to lose her momma to cancer.  She was diagnosed out of the blue on Labor Day and has steadily gone downhill.  She has been in hospice care for quite some time now, and they have given her a week (more or less) until she passes into God's presence.  Kelly lives here in Frisco while her parents still live in Seattle where she grew up.  Please please please keep Kelly's family in your prayers as they are experiencing this loss.  And PLEASE pray that God brings Kelly's mom home quickly and peacefully!

Kelly's dad updated her caringbridge page this morning.  Please take a second to read it and lift up this family!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Snow Day, a Brain Fart, & 3 Teeth!!

As everrrrryone in Dallas has been facebooking about for the last 2 days, it snowed here.  WOO!  We went to church ysterday mornin,g and when we came out of the building the snow was coming down big time!  By the time we finished lunch with our Lifegroupers it was a white out (at least the Texas version of one).  We didn't get to play in it much on Sunday because we needed some big time nappage in the Bradford casa.  HOWEVER, today me and the girlies took full advantage!  Aves loved it just as much as she did last year :) And Camo was just kind of along for the ride....good sport though (& kind of PRESH too!)  :)

Hmm...I think I like this stuff...

Looks rather tastey...

Cameron watching her big sis thinking, "You're gonna pay for that..."

15 minutes later after refusing to keep her gloves on,  "Co! Co!" (cold in Ave-lingo)
Kerbs has been in heaven.  LOVES the snow. She thinks we're on vacation or something. 


The following story happened today.  It is just one of many incidents like it which have become a very regular part of my daily routine.  Brian told me tonight that he is a liittttle bit worried about what our life will look when I start adding age-related memory loss to my already existing lack of memory.  Yikes.  Okay so... 
I opened my fridge to get Aves a little snacky snack and to my utter surprise, there sat my cellular.  Placed perfectly between the milk and the juiceboxes.  Eeeenteresting. Oh.  And it can't be blamed on my 20 month old who likes to hide things.  It was on the top shelf.  Yes, yes I know.  Another one of my genius moments :)

Cameron has been Little Miss Drooly Pants since the day we brought her home from the hospital.  Lately she seems to have been chewing on everything in sight.  I figure it's just normal and don't even let myself think she might be cutting a tooth because with Aves, Brian and I said out loud, "Oh maybe she's cutting a tooth!" ohhh probably every other day for 5 months.  And then at the ripe old age of 10 months she finally cut her first tooth! So, naturally, I assumed little CamoWamo would follow suit.  Nope.  I let the babymunchkin chew in my finger for just a sec today and what did I find (feel)??  2 sharp little toothies!!  Yay!! She may be behind Averton in the motor skills department, but she cut those 2 bad boys before the 6 month mark.  Go girlfrannnn.  AND to add to all of this tooth-related excitement...AVERY HAS CUT TOOTH #5!!!  Yes.  She is 20 month old.  And yes, until yesterday she had a whopping 4 teeth.  And now she has 4.05 teeth.  COOL.  We're pretty pumped about this new development :)

Hope someone else out there had an extra exciting Monday.  I'll just go ahead and assume though that your excitement did NOT relate to teeth OR finding cellphones in the refrigerator.  :)

Such is life @ the Bradford casa!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun w Friends :)

This past week we spent lots of time with some of our fav ppl!  Love weeks like that :)

First we spent an afternoon on a lonnng walk w Casey & Tatum.  Love you guys! Posted about that one already :)
The next day we met Kelly & Carson @ the park for some playtime!  They were in heaven climbing allll over that thing!  They're getting so big!  Weird.

That afternoon Aves & Camo (& Kerbs) had some sisterly bonding time.  My little sweet peas are pretty friggin cute (im their i better think that!)

The NEXT day, Carson came over to play for a few hours while his momma took care of some business!  (She's one of the GREATEST wedding/event planners around!  Check her out!)

On Friday night we took the girls to our church for a big babysitting event that helps the high school kids raise money for their summer camps (best.idea.ever).  It's only $25 for TWO kids/4 hours.  Um. so cool.  It's set up just like the nursery on Sunday mornings so the girls had a blast and SO did mommy & daddy!  B-Riz & I haven't done dinner & a movie in ages.  Love my boo :) No pics though.  Boo.

Saturday night Angela, Blake & Colt came over to eat/play.   Colt is THE sweetest little child.  Excited that we live so close to them now!  Yay!  These two lovebugs were lookin' extra snuggly... ;)

Church today was great...started a new series on Family...pretty excited about it!  And when we got was snowing!!!!! Will post a few pics manana!  We went to lunch with some friends and fought through the snow to get home (& STAY home) for the rest of the day!  I love Sundays with mi familia :)

Excited to start a new week!!