Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bunco Wins & Fake Tans!!

So.  As you know, I play Bunco once a month with my gurrrrrls.   Welllllll...tonight I WON!  ...for "Most Wins"  Hollaaaa.  Monumental occasion :)  If you don't play Bunco, you should.  It's basically an excuse for a girls' night out.  Love.

I ducked out a bit early bc my friend Jennifer of Tantrum Tans is offering $10 tans through tomorrow (she's training a newbie).  Since I'm in Elizabeth Bratten Owen Almost Roark's wedding on Saturday, I figured I'd spare everyone the pain of watching Casper the Friendly Bridesmaid (as Mer put it) strut her stuff down the aisle.  Tantrum Tans does the GREATEST job.  I am anti tanning booth.  Big time.  I'm somewhat anti spray tan.  But... I reluctantly tried the airbrush tan thing back in September when Jennifer and I were in a wedding together... GREAT stuff.

So anyway...tonight I'm a superrrr tan bunco winner.  I kinda like it :)

If you live in/near Denton, Frisco, or Dallas, check out Tantrum Tan's website or facebook page.  Jennifer's prices are awesome, the tans looks AH-mazing, and they LAST!!  Go give it a try & tell her Roxanne sent you!

Happy Thursday!

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I just found your blog through a Thursday blog hop! Have a great night.

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