Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today was a Good Day. Yesterday, however...

Today was a good day.

Since Cameron has officially reached the 6mo mark, I can take her to the gym with me! YIPPEEEEEE!!! This means that I get to work out AT the gym during the DAY!!  Hollaaaa.  SO exciting.  Today was my first day.  I was a little bit nervous about the childcare sitch @ 24, but they surprised me!  There were a lot of workers there, and they were loving on the kids every time I peeked in!  They even gave me a detailed report when I came to get the munchkins.  Even better: Aves didn't cry when I dropped them off.  I asked her to go give one of the little girls a hug and off she went!  Peace out mom.  Holla back.

I've been pretty pooped considering that B & I have stayed up late the last few nights giving the redbox some love.  We've watched The Town, The Social Network, Eat Pray Love, Dinner for Schmucks.  Liked them all.  We used to be movie-watching maniacs, but until this last week had taken a major hiatus from one of our fav things [#parentsof2babies].  I still want to see Harry Potter, Narnia, Tangled, Wall Street, Toy Story 3.... we'll get there :)  MAN...having a TV in our room again provides for such great me&B time.  I missed it!!  Love you Boo!

When B-Riz got home we headed out for dinner and ran a few errands.  Made a few Christmas gift exchanges and got some great stuff in return!  Excited!  Haven't shopped for anyone over the age of 2 (besides Christmas) in like...2 years?  Nice little treat.  Especially when you don't spend one cent out of your own pocket :)

Yes, today was a simple, good day.

Yesterday, however, was NOT a good day.  It was full of lots of sadness for lots of people that we love.  In a sense it was good, because we got the opportunity to spread some love/support/encouragement to some of those people.  But UGH.  It hurts when you have to watch people hurting.  And it hurts WORSE when you can't do a single thing about it.  Well...except pray. Which is the single GREATEST thing we can do.... anyway...

Yesterday took a SHARP upward turn mid-afternoon.  It was an extremely welcomed bit of good news.  It's weird to feel such EXTREME emotions for people all in the same day.  Complete Heartbreak.  Gut-Wrenching Empathy.  Straight up Pity.  Over the Top Elation.  Rollercoaster.

Tomorrow is a new day...we'll see what God's got on Wednesday's menu  :)  Hastaaaa...


Dana said...

My Tuesday was like your Monday. It's difficult and exhausting to have a day like that. Glad you had a good day!

Jessica said...

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