Monday, January 3, 2011

Moving/Unpacking: courtesy of my trusty droid!!

Brian and I startd by stocking up on some packing essentials!  Packing tape, our beloved boxes that we have used for 3 moves now, and of course, Big Red & Cupcakes!!

Casey, Tatum & Greg came over to help, along w the in-laws, Tori & JC, and Ames & BM.  Casey's job was to keep the little ones entertained, but the dolly and Tatum both helped tremendously :)

By the end of the day, the boys were pretty wiped.  They moved the equivalent of a 4-bedroom house in less than 6 hours!!

 Once we finally made it into the new place, Avery kept her daddy company while unloading and unpacking!

While Mommy worked on babies' rooms, babies played together in Cameron's crib.  PRETTY much melted my sappy old mommy-heart :)

Kerbey was also super helpful by sharing her food and water with Averton.  (We're working on that...)

The Wegs came over one more time to help unpack and organize the gameroom! Tater Tot and Averton thoroughly enjoyed their first meal together at the little kid table.  Cutie patooties. 

We are still making progress around here.  Slowly but surely.  We're hosting our small group in a couple of weeks, so that should keep us motivated to get this thing knocked out!  LOVING our new place :)  Thankful that such a perfect little place was provided for our fam!

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Halterman Family said...

love the pics of the girlies! :) so happy that you have a new home! you are a sweet, sweet woman rox!