Thursday, January 6, 2011


Since my girls have been stuck at home for the last few days, I figured I'd get them out and about yesterday.  We woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed (before 10am. Um...NEVER happens), saw daddy off, read a few books, and headed to the mall for some shopping and playtime! I heart my munchkins :)

Avery and Cameron having storytime together.  Sweetie pies!!


I met a lady at the mall who has 2 girls who are 15.5 months apart...super s imilar to my little ones!  She says that there's no way her girls would have been chill enough to let her shop around the mall.  I guess I should be extra thankful for the laid back babies God has hooked me up with so far!
Aves didn't nap all that well when we got home from our big dal.  So...when we went to meet Casizzle & Tatum for an afternoon run she wasn't in the greatest mood ev.  She perked up once we got moving!

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GabbyRM said...

Looks and sounds like they had fun.