Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our New Fav... KINECT!!

The Bradfords are now proud owners of an XBox 360 KINECT.  Umm.....SO FUN.  Thank you Iverson for your stellar recommendation on what to get the hubs for Christmas.  He has found a new love. This thing is SERIOUSLY the bomb.  First of all, it's a workout.  So, if you hate going to the gym...hook yourself up with a KINECT.  Secondly, the technology is uber-impressive!  The little cartoon avatar dude looks exactly like Brian.  Totally wasn't expecting that.  My all time fav thing is that once you're done with your game, it posts video clips of you during the race/game.  Pretty entertaining :)

We've played the game it comes with, which is actually pretty fun.  YourShape by Men's Health.  It's a fitness/workout/training game.  They actually correct form and everything.  Not bad!  And of course KINECT Sports...super fun.  Brian and I competed a track & field meet last night.  I lost...but I'm pretty sure I'll dominate him tonight.  I'll let you know how it goes... :)

So anyway.  Get a KINECT.  It's the bomb.com


Casey said...

We want to come over and PLAY!

T said...

We have one too & LOVE it! Let's have a group partay and play! I agree, didn't expect such crazy soreness after playing. But the DANCE game is where all the fun is :)

Catie Grace Bird said...

We got one for Christmas too! You are so right about the work outs. We have the YourShape and a boxing/MMA one that totally makes me sore. I love it! Totally worth the money!

Ivy said...

im so glad you like it! you HAVE to get dance central - you would personally LOVE it. :)