Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun w Friends :)

This past week we spent lots of time with some of our fav ppl!  Love weeks like that :)

First we spent an afternoon on a lonnng walk w Casey & Tatum.  Love you guys! Posted about that one already :)
The next day we met Kelly & Carson @ the park for some playtime!  They were in heaven climbing allll over that thing!  They're getting so big!  Weird.

That afternoon Aves & Camo (& Kerbs) had some sisterly bonding time.  My little sweet peas are pretty friggin cute (im their i better think that!)

The NEXT day, Carson came over to play for a few hours while his momma took care of some business!  (She's one of the GREATEST wedding/event planners around!  Check her out!)

On Friday night we took the girls to our church for a big babysitting event that helps the high school kids raise money for their summer camps (best.idea.ever).  It's only $25 for TWO kids/4 hours.  Um. so cool.  It's set up just like the nursery on Sunday mornings so the girls had a blast and SO did mommy & daddy!  B-Riz & I haven't done dinner & a movie in ages.  Love my boo :) No pics though.  Boo.

Saturday night Angela, Blake & Colt came over to eat/play.   Colt is THE sweetest little child.  Excited that we live so close to them now!  Yay!  These two lovebugs were lookin' extra snuggly... ;)

Church today was great...started a new series on Family...pretty excited about it!  And when we got was snowing!!!!! Will post a few pics manana!  We went to lunch with some friends and fought through the snow to get home (& STAY home) for the rest of the day!  I love Sundays with mi familia :)

Excited to start a new week!!


Wendi said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

GabbyRM said...

Sounds great!