Friday, January 14, 2011

On My 26th Birthday...

I'm thankful for:
  • the health & happiness of mi familia
  • my hubs: his hard work to provide for his leading ladies, his patience w/my brainlessness, his love, his silliness, his adoration for our babygirrrls, that he cares what I think
  • my sweeeeet little rugrats!
  • the fact that I'm able to stay home w the behbehs while B-Riz provides financially for the fam. thx boo!
  • all of the super amazing friends that God has blessed me with in life...and all of the ones He continues to hook me up with!
  • my Lifegroup.  Love you fools.
  • our new casa.
  • that my BFFs are still my BFFs no matter where we are in life!!
  • my bros who are both such blessings to me and to soooo many others!
  • the parentals who i love, respect, laugh at with, and have learned SO much from
  • cupcakes
  • having access to & knowledge about nutritious foods
  • God's provision in SO many ways: financial, emotional, relational, spiritual, etc...
  • Avery's dance moves
  • Avery's little playmates: Tatum & Carson
  • Shrek & the way he can keep Avery's attention for a FULL HOUR. ;)
I'm sad about:
  • Brent Weaver's continuing battle with cancer
  • Kelly having to watch cancer suck her mom's life away
  • friends in difficult & lonely places
  • a special person's difficulty with a cancer diagnosis
  • Yao Ming.  His sitch seriously makes me sad.  Weird?  Maybe.  But I can't help it.
  • The amount of human sex trafficking that happens EVERY.DAY. in the United States
  • new parents being told that their babies have Neuroblastoma.  UGH.
  • A sweet friend's brother who is an addict in rehab.  He's fighting to steal his life back from his addiction.
I'm optimistic about:
  • getting my training/bootcamp business going!
  • my brother's future!
  • growing relationships with our friends up here in the DFdub
  • the upcoming marriage of my roomski!
  • the way God is using a way cool girl, Mrs. KML
I'm looking forward this year to:
  • visiting the Reidster in Lubbock & watching some Tech Rugby domination
  • seeing where Rileton ends up!
  • getting more involved @ Hope Fellowship!
  • watching Cam & Ave's relationship continue to grow.  CUTENESS.
  • Jacci &  Scarlett coming to visit!
  • Enjoying 2 childless vacays with the hubs!
  • finding new ways to serve & love people
  • NOT being pregnant! (although if i were to find out that I was, how could i NOT be pumped?)
  • playing some sport, any sport again!  Miss me some athletic activity!!
  • watching hubs take on more leadership roles @ work.  what a stud :)
  • working out during the day bc Camo is finally old enough for the Child Care Center!!
  • Cameron's first year milestones
  • FINALLY learning to sew!!
I'm praying for:
  • continued health for my family & the ppl closest to me!
  • lots of love, joy, & truth in the hearts of my babygurrrrls
  • continued professional success for B-Riz
  • improved organization in my life so that I can better use my time, my gifts to do what I feel God leading me to do
  • spiritual discipline
I'm reading:
  • Nelson Mandela's autobiography
  • The Bible (1-yr plan w the hubs!)
  • Decision Points
  • The Help
  • cupcakes
  • TOMS
  • blogging
  • jogging/working out
  • wearing scarves!
  • the snow outside my window
  • Ben Folds
  • my kindle
  • Glee
  • keeping my house clean
  • game nights
  • John Makenzie
  • Skype
  • my morning coffee
  • AIO
  • having a playroom
  • embracing my natural self...darker hair, pastier skin & all!

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Lindsey said...

Yay! Happy Birthday pretty mama. What a great post.