Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shrek & Nemo!!

Orrrr perhaps I should refer to them as Kreck & Memo.  Because that's what Avery calls them.  For Christmas we got a DVD player for the back of our seats in the car.  Since we are roadtrippin' maniacs they are rather handy little gadgets for the Bradford Familia :)  Everytime we go NEAR the car, Aves exclaims "KRECK!!?" in utter excitement.  Love it.

At home we've watched Finding Nemo a few times too.  This child loves Nemo and is SO concerned when the shark "eats" him at the beginning of the movie.  She looks terrified and then screams "UH-OH!!!" when sharky's big scary mouth engulfs poor little Memo. Again.  Love it.

Toddlers are ridiculously entertaining.

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