Monday, January 17, 2011

Cameron Lily: 6 Months

height: TBD
weight: TBD
head: TBD

official 6mo. picture: coming soon...

for now, this will do:

Craziness.  Goes by SO much faster with the second.  And I feel like I don't soak in every teeny tiny little moment like I did with the first.  Which is kind of sad when I think about it.  But I DO cherish every single solitary day with the little monkey.  No doubt about that.  She is awesome and cute and sweet and goofy and entertaining and just makes us SUPER happy :)

Sidenote: I LOVE that my bday and Cam's 1/2 bday are only 1 day apart!! Yay! 

@ 6 months the Caminator is:
  • on all fours rocking back and forth.  hilar.
  • getting more armstrength but totally still faceplants sometimes.  also hilar.
  • super ticklish.  love ittttt.
  • a drooling machine.
  • rockin' a little bit more hair (still blonde) but more importantly, she's got about 5 crazy hairs that are 6 inches long.  love them.  REFUSE to cut them.
  • trying veggies and NOT diggin.  just started a few days ago.  still working on that
  • sleeping from about 830-800 with a few wake ups in there randomly
  • usually wakes up for a bottle between 5 & 6
  • lovelovelovelovelovesssss bathtime.  splashing queen.  esp when she & ave bathe together.  awesomeness.
  • super bouncy in the jumperoo!!
  • screams when she gets frustrated OR just wants attention.  it's really funny and really annoying @ times.  she totally looks like she's gonna bust a blood vessel in her forehead.  cracks me up.
  • is obsessed with all toys that play music or make noise (i.e. choo-choo, keyboard, keys)
  • has taken a paci a couple of times this week randomly?? maybe she'll be a paci baby after all...
  • naps kind of randomly but always gets one good 2 hour nap in
  • totally enchanted by watching BigSis.  or any other toddler for that matter.  LOVES all of avery's friends.
  • never wants to miss out on what's going on
  • has become kind of chatty lately
  • can sit up for a while on her own, but can't get that way by herself yet!
  • does super awesome in the nursery every week (SO thankful for that)
  • loves books but is more interested in eating them than reading them
 So blessed by this little munchkin's life!  The giggles, the cuddles, the drooliness, the grins, the excited spazzy moments, and even the screams make life in the Bradford casa THAT much better.  God- Your creation that You have entrusted to B-Riz & I is awesome.  THANK YOU!!!


Catie Grace Bird said...

She's so precious!! I love reading about her milestones.

Alyssa said...

I am just now catching up on my blogs, and WOW she has grown!Crazy how time flies! I love that you document all the details/milestones. So precious.