Monday, December 29, 2008

Beaver Lake

So, while I'm waiting on B to get back with the camera, I'll go ahead and post some pics from our Arkansas trip with Blake, Ang, & Baby Colt from a few weeks back. We had a blast just hanging out in their gorrrgeous lakehouse that overlooked the hugest lake I've ever seen. It just weaved around all of the mountains and looked like it had no end. It was beautiful. Some of the prettiest sunrises I've ever seen :)

We spent one of our days at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. It was really cool! I couldn't ride rides because of the belly (bummer!), but it was superrrrrr festive, REALLY got us in the Christmas spirit, tons of delicious food....we will definitely take our kids there someday! The drive to and from Branson is another story. We all had to take turns sitting in the front seat because the road was soooo insanely windy that we all felt sick at some point along the way. Boooo.

Although we watched Colt (McCoy) lost the Heisman race while we were there, we had a great time. Thanks Ang and Blake for a super great and relaxing time. Colt is presh, so happy and smiley. And his poop face is an image I will never forget :))) LOVE you guys!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Movie Marathon!!

Vince Vaughn humor = im a fan. I'll admit it's not the greatest, highest-quality, most well-written movie ever, but if you expect that when you choose to see THIS particular movie, you might need to rethink your options :) Anyway- I'm not sure it's worth the hefty price of the movie theaters, but hey...if mom & dad are paying... why not?

First off, I'm just an Adam Sandler fan. However, this is NOT your typical Adam Sandler movie. It's much more tame, intended for children humor...which is nice. It's clean, it's whimsical, and it's fun. Try to revert back to your childhood days, and I'm sure you'll totally enjoy :) We had a group ranging from 4 years old to 45...and we were all fans!

So I'm JUST NOW seeing this super fun musical movie! Sad, I know. I had heard allll about how amazing it my expectations were high. To be honest, it was a bit difficult for me to get beyond the non-Broadway-quality voices...but it really was super cute and fun. The music: I already knew and that was a guaranteed plus. Main character= super cute. Everyone really did a great job being pretty hilar. I might even add it to my personal DVD collection (which is rare!)

Saw it in theaters, but got it for Christmas, so I watched it again. GOODNESS. Such a great movie. It was even better for me the second time around because I recently read an autobiography about a little boy from the Sudan who was kidnapped, turned into a child soldier, and then rescued and brought to the US. This movie takes place in the same time frame, in the midst of the same civil war, but adds the diamond smuggling industry to the mix. It's heart-breaking, redeeming, encouraging, convicting, depressing...a little bit of everything! paints a realistic picture about Africa's recent history. Educational is the best way I can describe it. Oh- and Leo and Djimon are both amaaaaaaazing in this one!

Thursday, December 18, 2008 all her glory <3

BOOOO for pregnancy breakouts. My chin looks like a 16-yr-old's.

Today at the gym I had my very first (not to mention, very BOLD) "Are you pregnant?" It made me happy!

I like calling my belly a "her" instead of "it".

Since I can't do an all-over dye on my hair during pregnancy, I am SERIOUSLY considering getting my hurr a professional. The roots are OOC, and if I highlight it myself without putting some darker color in it first, I'll look nice and trashy.

An email I received today from informed me that as a pregnant woman, I need to do the following:
  1. Get a pedicure.
  2. Get my hurr did.
  3. Buy some new lingerie

I'm surrrre that #s "1" and "2" can be arranged...however, I'll edit #3 a bit and just get a new bra since most of mine don't fit anymore! Life with boobs is interesting...I'll have to share a funny little story about that next time.

Merry Thursday to all, and to all a GOOOOODnight :)

Christmas Fiesta!

On Monday night, I hosted the girls from work at my house for a Christmas Partay/Gift Exchange/Gingerbread House Decorating Contest. Sadly, I forgot to take pics of the cute food & treats display as I am SUPER rusty in the picture-taking department...but I got some cuties of the girls and our awesome g-bread homes. They didn't QUITE turn out like our blueprints...but that's what you get when you have 3 girls trying to decorate one house...and eating half of the decor :) It was a night full of a yummy healthy dinner, wayyyyy too many cupcakes, a semi-functional chocolate fountain, fun gifts, LOTS of icing, delectable home-made hot cocoa...and some major Christmas spirit!
All the girls :)
"Most Festive"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In case you were wondering...

So, our ultrasound appointment yesterday was the bommmmbbb!! :) We found out that on May 8, 2009 (or somewhere around there) little Avery Nicole Bradford will be joining our fam!! WE. ARE. PUMPED. It was superrrr cool to watch her squirm around on the screen. She was alllll curled up for most of the time, but we finally got her to start moving around. She even gave us a big, ADORABLE yawn :) Ahhhh, I'm in love. I wish we caught her yawn on the camera, but we didn't quite make it. Time to start thinking "bAby RoOm!!" I was actually telling Brian last night that, as selfish as it is, the baby thing I'm MOST excited about getting is a jogging stroller so Avery and I can go outside, be happy, & play in the sun together!

In other news, I finished my Patho class today. Took the final. Donesky. Awesome. OH- and I don't know if I have shared this news with the blog world, but I will no longer be attending nursing school in January. I have come to realize over the last couple of months that as excited as I was about nursing SCHOOL, a nursing career is not something I want for my life. Plus, I absolutely loovvvve my current job, and am ecstatic about having more time to give to it (until Avery comes along). Brian and I talked about it quite a bit, prayed about it, lots of things went into it, and for now- this is the conclusion we came to, and we both feel GREAT, happy, and super peaceful... can't beat that peaceful easy feeling :)
Brian's company, Pfizer, is having a giant restructuring and layoff in January. They'll let everyone know their fate at the beginning of the month and any changes will take effect in March. Keep us in your prayers, as we know we have NO control over the company's decisions! We're not worried, but we know that some big changes could be in store for us, and we just pray that God is preparing us in every way for whatever is to come!

* * * * * * * * * *
There have been quite a few somewhat recent events from which I never posted pics... I think I'll just feature one recent event at the end of each post for the next week or I'll have some pic updates FINALLY!
The first: DaNe & juLiE's wEdDiNg was in November. Everyone had a BLAST...and being back in Austin was super cool too. Got to see lots of fam & friends that we love a LOT <3
We missed you Reidster! Can't wait til you're back in Tejas!
Nickybabe and his new VERY pretty wifey, KimWIth the super good-looking bride and groom <3
The old gang + 2 new additions (B & Jules) - Reidling

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Feedback requested! :)

Since this is the time of year that people start to "get serious" about their fitness/health, I know I'll be picking up a few new clients come January. What are some of the issues you guys have with your weight/workout routine/eating habits? Are there any cool new ideas/workouts you've heard buzzing lately? If you had a personal trainer, what would you want from them besides just a good workout for an hour a few times a week? What kind of questions would you have? What kind of things would make it more fun and motivating for you to STAY fit...not just do it for 3 months. What could your trainer do for you that would make him/her EXTRA worth the money!? :)

Anyyyyyy thoughts??

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Picture Tag

I got tagged by here ya go: The following pic is from Reid's senior year of high school football. Brian and I went to The Shoog to see their 3rd round playoff game against Katy. They lost, but it was a super great season, and we were proud of little Reidling! PS- He's #50...noseguard. Yay.

And...a looonnnng while back I was tagged by Jacci, but at the time our computer was messed up, so I had no access to any pics. Anyway- that one was Folder/Pic #8...which is the following:

Every year, the Curry and Freede fams go on our Annual Easter Camping trip to Pedernales Falls. This is from Easter 2007, when we were forced to keep approx 25 people in a little house on the the Agan's ranch because the weather was so terrible. It SNOWED, we lost power, we played lots of mafia, and just acted a fool. It was awesome...and me and Nug obviously thoroughly enjoyed the snow (as you can see!) I tag: Ivy, Jamie Blackburn, Nug, & Loobs

You must do the following:

1. Open the 4th folder in your "My Pictures" folder...or whatever location you keep your pics on the computer.

2. Open the 4th picture in the folder and upload it to your blog.

3. Tell us allll about the pic!!

4. Tag 4 more people to do the same!!

Have fun :) Don't CHEAT!! It's okay if your pic is random and pointless... :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the road again... (as always!)

As much as Brian and I enjoyed our amaaazing weekend at home, we are thrilled to leave tonight to head to Arkansas with some friends. We'll be spending the weekend at their Lakehouse...and all 5 of us are making the trip together in our little Impala! Blake and Angela have a baby boy who is around 8 months old... so I'm pumped to get a little taste of life with a munchkin!! :))) I am NOT, however, super thrilled about the prospect of freezing my fingers off for a whole weekend. I'm about to bust open the ski-gear trunk and get to packing. I don't mind looking a fool as long as it keeps me warm :)

EXCITING UPDATE!!! -I didn't find the camera cord to put pics on the computer, I DID however, find the little chip that fits our computer's memory drive you know what this means!??!!? Starting Monday, I WILL ONCE AGAIN BE POSTING PICS!!! So, for those of you who have forgotten what Brian and I look like: Have no fear! Come Monday, our smiling faces will be only a click away :)

Have a super fun, festive, cozy, hayride-enjoying, christmas-carol-singing, study-free weekend!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nothin' like a weekend at home sweet home <3

This weekend was teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrific :) Brian and I just stayed at home, and I haven't been so pumped to be here in a LONG time! On Friday afternoon Brian put up lights on our house...yayyy! He did a super good job...especially for his first house-decorating job :) Way to go, hubling! We ALSO made a long-awaited purchase. Brian has been freakishly addicted to rock band for quite some time now. He plays on Monday nights with a bunch of other 30-yr old men after watching MNF, and has been DYING to get it. So, he used some of his bonus money to guy the game...and it rocks!! I totally didn't think I'd be a huge fan, but it's the bomb. We have played every day so far since we got it.

On Saturday morning, we both slept in til almost 10:00!! Ahhhh it was an amazing feeling to wake up @ 4 different times and just lay there and fall right back asleep. We had some yummy Braums for lunch and then worked allllllllll day in the backyard and on unpacking/organizing the house. We still have quite a bit of work to do, but man- we were ULTRAproductive and it felt great. We had planned FOREVER to go see the 20th anniv production of The Nutcracker (one of my all-time favs), but didn't realize that it was during the conference championship games, so we ended up nixing the ballet and watching football all afternoon/night. Good times.

Sunday we went to church IN TYLER for once, had some delish McAllister's, knocked a couple more much-needed errands, and then worked on the house even MORE! Today is a GREAT Monday because I actually feel somewhat relaxed and NOT overwhelmed when I look at our steadily-shrinking pile of boxes to unpack :)

Yayyy for weekend at home.

Oh, ps- we find out in EIGHT DAYS!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving was AWWWWESOME! Brian and I spent Tuesday night in Lufkin with the Bradfords and then headed to the Shoog on Wednesday morning. We spent 5 days of bliss in good ol' Sugar Land doing all kinds of fun things: eating, sleeping, watching football, eating, working out, playing with the dogs, eating.... you know how it is over Thanksgiving :)

It was jussst fabulous to be with Rachey, Rand, Rileton, and Reidy-boo. We went to see Four Christmases... PRETTY silly, but of course I liked it. I think Vince Vaughn is hilar...always. Love the guy. Annnd on Friday night, our fam went to the Freedes. The kiddos played golf (a fun new card game I learned and love) while the adults played Wii... oh man. It was great. Our parentals were jumping around the room, screaming, grunting, flailing. Pure entertainment. Rachey's arm was QUITE sore the next day.

On Saturday my mom and I dragged (and I mean that literally) our hubbies kicking and screaming to a wedding. Schwinnybabe got married...she is now Mrs. Lindsay Gentles, ha, funny name. We enjoyed cracking jokes about that one all night. B and I headed over to a great couple friends' house to watch the OU-OSU game. It was 3 couples...all 3 preggers! They're both farther along than me so it was great to grill them with questions :)

OH! Also over T-giv break, my wedding video finalllllllllllly arrived!! Yayyy!! I've watched it twice already. We even subjected the Freede/Agan fam to the whole thing ha. Artista media did a great job with the just took a while. Oh well. He even got some SUPER important shots that our photog didn't capture. So it worked out perfectly :)

Happy Hump-day everyone!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I decided today that I'm having an ornament exchange at my house in 2 weeks for some of my girls here in Tyler. I'm pumped!! I love ornaments. I love friends. I'll FINALLY get to use my FAV wedding chocolate fountain!! Oh...and we're gonna have a gingerbread house decorating contest (thanks Freede fam for inspiring that one). Can't wait.

The NEXT day we find out if we're having a boy or a girl...YAYYY for Tuesday, Dec.16th!!

The following weekend, my parentals and bros are coming to stay with us in Tyler to have our Curry Christmas. Superrrrrrr excited about that one too. Our first official guests in our new house!

And then, of course, it's CHRISTMAS WEEK with the Bradfords. It's the year for the Big Bradford Christmas, and Brian and I are super pumped. I can't believe it's already Christmas season, 2008.