Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving was AWWWWESOME! Brian and I spent Tuesday night in Lufkin with the Bradfords and then headed to the Shoog on Wednesday morning. We spent 5 days of bliss in good ol' Sugar Land doing all kinds of fun things: eating, sleeping, watching football, eating, working out, playing with the dogs, eating.... you know how it is over Thanksgiving :)

It was jussst fabulous to be with Rachey, Rand, Rileton, and Reidy-boo. We went to see Four Christmases... PRETTY silly, but of course I liked it. I think Vince Vaughn is hilar...always. Love the guy. Annnd on Friday night, our fam went to the Freedes. The kiddos played golf (a fun new card game I learned and love) while the adults played Wii... oh man. It was great. Our parentals were jumping around the room, screaming, grunting, flailing. Pure entertainment. Rachey's arm was QUITE sore the next day.

On Saturday my mom and I dragged (and I mean that literally) our hubbies kicking and screaming to a wedding. Schwinnybabe got married...she is now Mrs. Lindsay Gentles, ha, funny name. We enjoyed cracking jokes about that one all night. B and I headed over to a great couple friends' house to watch the OU-OSU game. It was 3 couples...all 3 preggers! They're both farther along than me so it was great to grill them with questions :)

OH! Also over T-giv break, my wedding video finalllllllllllly arrived!! Yayyy!! I've watched it twice already. We even subjected the Freede/Agan fam to the whole thing ha. Artista media did a great job with the just took a while. Oh well. He even got some SUPER important shots that our photog didn't capture. So it worked out perfectly :)

Happy Hump-day everyone!

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Jacci said...

ok a few things.

ONE...I did not know you were going to the shoog for thanksgiving!! ugh!!! we were there too and i wish i would have known so we could have seen you guys!!! i need to see my little preggers!!

two...who else is preggers?

three...i am going to need to see that wedding video.

four...i love you!!!