Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the road again... (as always!)

As much as Brian and I enjoyed our amaaazing weekend at home, we are thrilled to leave tonight to head to Arkansas with some friends. We'll be spending the weekend at their Lakehouse...and all 5 of us are making the trip together in our little Impala! Blake and Angela have a baby boy who is around 8 months old... so I'm pumped to get a little taste of life with a munchkin!! :))) I am NOT, however, super thrilled about the prospect of freezing my fingers off for a whole weekend. I'm about to bust open the ski-gear trunk and get to packing. I don't mind looking a fool as long as it keeps me warm :)

EXCITING UPDATE!!! -I didn't find the camera cord to put pics on the computer, I DID however, find the little chip that fits our computer's memory drive you know what this means!??!!? Starting Monday, I WILL ONCE AGAIN BE POSTING PICS!!! So, for those of you who have forgotten what Brian and I look like: Have no fear! Come Monday, our smiling faces will be only a click away :)

Have a super fun, festive, cozy, hayride-enjoying, christmas-carol-singing, study-free weekend!!

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