Monday, February 13, 2012

C-Lil Sneak Peek

Starting Friday, this look will be the new norm for CamCam!  My little cutie.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bradford Fam Updates!

Cam went to the ped ophth.  She is superrr far-sighted and was given a Rx that we are planning to get filled tomorrow!  I'm super anxious and excited to take her to get fitted for her presh little baby glasses :)  Sweet girl.  Hoping this fixes the strabismus (crossing) issue.  We'll check back in 7ish weeks!

B-Rizzle for shizzle has been down the flu.  BUMMERRR.  He literally did not leave our room for 36 hours.  He is still kind of quarantined in there, but things are looking up a little bit.  Sweet man.  Thank you Lord for Tamiflu.

Aves & Cam both showed signs of Pink Eye this wknd.  Neither one really developed it, but it kept us couped up for a few days just to play it safe!  Glad we're in the clear (at least it appears that way!)

I had a ridiculously fun time with my Bunco ladieeeees last wknd.  Will post on that later.  I have a superrr fun wknd coming up soon with my Moo for her bachelorette weekend! yay!!

I got a physical scheduled for my hubs who refuuuuuses to make his own doctor's appointment.  I have a hunch he thinks he's invincible.   :)  Cute.

I have an appointment with an orthopedic doc en la manana...about my annnooyyyying shoulder.  SO looking forward to getting this bad boy figured out.

It is super cold up here in D-town.

Nicki Minaj just stunk it up at The Grammys.  Shwat in the heck was that crazy alter-ego madness?  Not music.  Not entertaining.  Big bummer.  She can be SO cute...  "Roman" is the opposite of cute.

Adele is adorable, genuine, and maybe just a leeeeetle bit talented.

I still think Taylor Swift is presh.  Loved her cute little gig tonight.

Whitney Houston's death is sad, just like the death of ANYONE who struggles so hard to free him/herself from their demons.  Celebrity seems to just exacerbate that struggle.  We see it over & over & over & over.  But it's never NOT sad.  Heart breaking. 

I am missing my T-babe!

Brian and I just decided that people should have sing/dance-offs to settle every dispute in life.  That would make me extreeeemely happy.

Okay. That's all for now.