Monday, April 25, 2011

Just a Quick Update

Avery is back to sleeping like a champ.  Tremend.

Can't wait to post about Mexico and about Easter Camping.  Next time I have 3 spare hours, I'll be all over it :)  Happy Monday!

Betho is in labor right now!  The girls & I are outta here first thing manana to go see Nug, Code, & Babyman Max!! SOOO HAPPYYYYY.  And would SO appreciate your prayers for a healthy and happy delivery!  YAY!!   New babies, the most perfect of God's blessings that I've experienced, fill my heart with OVERwhelming joy :) 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Mornings w/Camo

I LOVE my mornings with little Camerton.  It's the ONLY time in her LIFE that we get alone time.  So...I totally cherish it.  She usually wakes up about an hour before Aves.  She lets me know she's ready to get outta bed by making all kinds of interesting noises, and when I go to get her she usually starts panting/snorting/bouncing with glee!  So cute.  I give her a bottle on the couch and then just let her run rampant in the living room.  I move the little "Cameron Bin" of toys, her music table, and her soccer ball into the middle of the floor, and as long as I stay super close and interact with her every few minutes, she is one happy camper.  I feel kind of bad that Avery had all the attention for an entire year, and Cameron never got that chance!  So this sorta kinda makes up for it.  Camo gets really excited when Avery and/or daddy wake up too.  Lately, she's started getting kind of cranky around Aves' normal wake-up time.  It's like she's just READY for her playmate to join her :)  So sweet.  I LOVE OUR MORNINGS!  I'm thankful for them and I'm thankful for a second little angel in my life :) 

Cameron Lily: 9mo!!

What the.... where the heck is the time gooiiinnnnng???

Yes.  Tis true.  C-Lil is 9 FRIGGIN MONTHS OLD!!!  Annnnd we love her more everyday. 

Cameron currently:
  • 5 bottles a day, 3 meals
  • 2 naps a day (almost 2 hrs each)
  • still only 2 teeth
  • wearing 9 & 12 month clothes (busted out all of avery's stuff from last summer that she didnt wear until she was 15 months old!!)
  • size 3 shoe
  • pulls up non stop and walks up & down furniture
  • tries to climb on everything!  she crawled on top of the upside down laundry basket today!
  • is trying to stand on her own...can last about 1 second :)
  • is obsessed w/trying to wrestle
  • loves fruit, puffs, and still tries to eat everything avery touches
  • is chewing on everything in always
  • loves to crawl over and sit on kerbey's bed with her :)
  • LOVES playing in the tunnel w/aves
  • is a MUCH better car traveler than she used to be
  • is SO easy when we're shopping.  she loves to sit in that shopping cart :)
  • CRACKS UP @ avery for all kinds of random reasons.  makes my heart melty.
  • loves her daddy SO very much.  also causes melty-heart.
  • wants attention all the time! 
  • is extreeemely vocal...whether its excitement, frustration, sadness, whatev.  she'll let you know.
Some of my FAVE things:
  • when she THROWS herself onto her back hoping someone will start wrestling with her.  she does this like...25ish times a day.  no lie.
  • our little morning routine.  i love our alone time :)
  • her excited snorting/panting.  hilar.
  • the look she makes when someone walks by her without picking her up.  it's like the most terrible thing imaginable has just happened.
  • how easy she is to put to bed.  thanks my little angel! :)
  • the way she lovvvvves eskimo kisses.  IT'S MY FAVE!!!!
My sweeeeet little baby is growing up.  I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH CAMO!! 

Aves @ 23 Months

The little nugget is almost 2!

Here the down-low on my almost-2-yr-old:
  • talking up a's like she filed away every word she ever heard and then when she discovered how to verbalize, she busted all of them out.  so cute!
  • loves to say that any/every doll and action figure she owns is cyin'  (crying) when they're laying on the floor.
  • is obsessssssed w/woody and buzz all of a sudden.  OBSESSED.
  • loves to run and exclaim "i fast!!!"
  • loves to go "grocery shopping" for real AND pretend.
  • dances and sings all the time and tells us what she's doing while she's doing it ha.,  goober.
  • when there's any type of ringing noise anywhere she fixates and says, "phonewanging??" over and over....and overrrrr..
  • loves to read to and talk to her baby, puppy, buzz, whoever she happens to love the most that day :)
  • gets super pumped when she hears/sees a "paypane" (airplane) in the sky
  • is BFFs w/her baby sister.  loves to feed her, play with her, wrestle with her, and gets insanely distraught when cameron cries
  • she loves to sit in camo's room while i give her a bottle and put her to bed.  she hides behind the changing table and just peeks around the corner to smile at us.  and she knows to be super quiet.  sweetest thing ev.
  • can pick out the letter "w" and draw it!  so random?  NO clue who taught her this.  
  • can sorta kinda count...with some guidance :)
Fav things to say:
  • "eh is it" (where is it?) 
  • "i gah-yit!" (i got it!) 
  • "eh go mommy/daddy/camo" (here you go)
  • "eht-up!" (wake up!)
  • "okay cammen" (it's okay cameron)
  • "i too!" (i love you too!)
  • "i dancin!"
  • "I singen!"
  • "a mess!??" when anything spills
  • "ah keen!" (all clean)
  • "mommy hep you" (mommy, help me!)
  • "daddy wuhk" (daddy's at work)
  • "baby seepin" (cameron's sleeping)
  • "uh oh cammen!" when cameron messes with her or what she's got in her hands
  • "kuhbey outide!" (kerbey, go outside!)
LOVE YOU BABYGIRL!  You make me laugh non stop lately :)  Such a sweetie pie!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fitness By RoxyB: North Texas Warrior Dash - 2011

ready to go!!

we made it!!
aren't we intimidating?

attempting to look cute while covered in mud from head to toe :)

Fitness By RoxyB: North Texas Warrior Dash - 2011: " I participated in my first Warrior Dash. I wish I could explain to you how much fun this thing is. If you're a runner- DO..." {continued here}

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday. April 16, 2011. 10:18pm.

We're back from Mexico.  It was AMAAZZIINNNGGGG.  So relaxing.  But we are SO tired.  How does that happen?  We missed the girls like CRAZY.  Being reunited with them was the greatest.  :)  Thanks to my mom & pops for being parents for the week :)

I have Warrior Dash en la manana and I'm a teeny bit scurrd.  I fear that my Mexican-getaway has left me with some stomach issues that are NOT super conducive to running 3.5 miles.  Hopefully it all works out :)   

My 2 munkshins are each a month older.  I'm pretty sure they turned 8 & 23 months like...yesterday?  But apparently not.  I've got to whip those posts together asap.  Maybe tomorrow after my morning of trudging through rivers & mudpits and scaling walls ;)

Nug is having a baby like...REALLY soon.  I AM FRIGGIN PUMPED!!!!  I'm kinda sorta going to be an aunt soon.  a baby to spoil and NOT discipline....holla.

Jacci is getting married ridiculously soon.  This makes me smile REALLY big every time I think about it!   SO EXCITED!!!!!!

Okay.  I need to sleep off this vacation hangover so I can be peppy & excited in the morning for WD!! Woohoo!

Happy Saturday.  It is soooooo good to be home w/mi familia!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sleep ISSUES!!

Aves has been a champion sleeper since she was 3 weeks old.  NEVER had to do any kind of sleep training/ferber type of stuff.  She just slept.  I had to wake her up in the middle of the night to feed her!  It was awesome...and HAS BEEN awesome for the last 22.5 months.  Well, ever since we got back from Galvy my little one has been STRUH.GUH.LING.  Once we returned from Austin this past wknd, we are finally home all together everynight for the rest of the week, so we are busting out some Ferber method up in this joint.  Poor Aves.  I feel bad doing it @ the age of almost 2.  It seems meaner when they can cry out your name.  She is fighting hard, but we're on night #3, and the process was significantly shorter tonight.  We shall see.  I miss seeing this...

...within 10 minutes of putting her in bed!  

Speaking of Ferber action...we did this with Camo @ about 4.5 months...once the colicky stuff ended (which coincidentally happened at the same time that we switched to formula...hmm...).  Worked like a charm, and we've never looked back!  Nightnight time is super pleasant for little Camerton {and us...usually}.

One super-cute thing we've discovered via this minor sleep-related drama is how in tune with each other the girls are!  Avery wakes up every morning asking for Camo.  She goes down easier when we let her say night-night to her baby seester.  If Camo hears Aves crying, she cries intensely for about 4 seconds in approx 1-min increments...just to let Aves know she feels her pain.  It's kind of hilarious & sad & adorable all wrapped into one.  Love my little nuggets!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I {heart} you Austin, Texas!!

We spent last wknd in my fave place in America.  We had missed the previous few years' T-association reunions, so we were pumped to finally get to attend again!  We spent Friday night in Georgetown with B-Rizzle's college roomie & his fam.  We FINALLY got to meet little Ewan...such a cutie!  He was so sweet to the girls, shared all of his toys like a champ, and kept referring to Aves lovingly as, "that girl".  The 4 Bradfords spent that night in the same room.  All FOUR of us.  TOGETHER.  Needless to say...the night involved little sleep.  It was good to be reminded how blessed we are that we're able to live in a home that allows each of us to have our own room to sleep in!  Some people HAVE to sleep that way! I guess (hope) that maybe you just get acclimated?

Brian got up & outta there before the sun rose on Saturday to spend the day playing golf.  We hung around a bit and then headed into Austin to lunch @ Kerbey Lane w/some of my girrrrls (& baby Knox!!).  LOVED seeing some of my most favorite people who I miss so much!  Linzer was a trooper for bringing Knox in the middle of his nap-time (and for bringing her pregnant self!  She's expecting again..woohoo!!)  Driving through campus with my 2 BABIES in the backseat was kind of crazy.  I do NOT feel that far removed from UT.  Being on campus brings me the most overwhelming happiness I can't even put it into words.  I miss that place like crazy and consider it a gift from God every time I get to go back.  It just gives me peace.  Weird.  I know.  But it does :)  Anywho- A big bowl of Kerbey Queso was just as delish as I remembered.   And our subsequent trip to SnoBeach was perfection as well :)  Livin' the life.  We spent the rest of the afternoon hangin' out @ Banana's house until I had to meet B for the big dinner that night!  Riles, Tbabe, Banana, & her roomie took care of the girls for us (thx loves!) and we had a super great time.  LOVED getting to meet the new coaches, hear them talk up the team & their philosophies.  I particularly enjoyed talking w/the new strength & conditioning coach.  Wish we couldn't talked for an house! Mack seemed extra excited and encouraged about this year and all the coaching changes that took place (but that's his job right?...and he's dannnng good at it!)  After the dinner, we grabbed the girls & hit the road to F-Burg to meet my Pops.

snobeach = heaven on earth

sno beach deliciousness.
banana love.
dancing for uncle yiyi.  love.

 Big Poppy hadn't seen the girls in AGES (since Jan) and could hardly contain himself for the roughly 18 hours we were together.  He cooked us a yummy waffles & bacon breakfast, snuggled w/Camo on the back porch, took Aves on walks.... you know...grandpa stuff :)
gooooood morning!

We all attended the Orange-White game that afternoon.  The lettermen get to bring their little ones early to hang out on the sidelines during pre-game, so the girls enjoyed crawling around on the turf.  We got some cute pics!  All the little teeny-tinys in burnt orange were presh!  We left a little after half-time, and honestly, I only saw 2 plays the whole time.  The girls were WIPED OUT and SO ready to leave before we even arrived.  So, the ride home was pretty peaceful.  I loathed driving away from my fave place, but LOVED the time I got to spend there w/mi familia!

Until next time, my dear ATX!!