Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aves @ 23 Months

The little nugget is almost 2!

Here the down-low on my almost-2-yr-old:
  • talking up a's like she filed away every word she ever heard and then when she discovered how to verbalize, she busted all of them out.  so cute!
  • loves to say that any/every doll and action figure she owns is cyin'  (crying) when they're laying on the floor.
  • is obsessssssed w/woody and buzz all of a sudden.  OBSESSED.
  • loves to run and exclaim "i fast!!!"
  • loves to go "grocery shopping" for real AND pretend.
  • dances and sings all the time and tells us what she's doing while she's doing it ha.,  goober.
  • when there's any type of ringing noise anywhere she fixates and says, "phonewanging??" over and over....and overrrrr..
  • loves to read to and talk to her baby, puppy, buzz, whoever she happens to love the most that day :)
  • gets super pumped when she hears/sees a "paypane" (airplane) in the sky
  • is BFFs w/her baby sister.  loves to feed her, play with her, wrestle with her, and gets insanely distraught when cameron cries
  • she loves to sit in camo's room while i give her a bottle and put her to bed.  she hides behind the changing table and just peeks around the corner to smile at us.  and she knows to be super quiet.  sweetest thing ev.
  • can pick out the letter "w" and draw it!  so random?  NO clue who taught her this.  
  • can sorta kinda count...with some guidance :)
Fav things to say:
  • "eh is it" (where is it?) 
  • "i gah-yit!" (i got it!) 
  • "eh go mommy/daddy/camo" (here you go)
  • "eht-up!" (wake up!)
  • "okay cammen" (it's okay cameron)
  • "i too!" (i love you too!)
  • "i dancin!"
  • "I singen!"
  • "a mess!??" when anything spills
  • "ah keen!" (all clean)
  • "mommy hep you" (mommy, help me!)
  • "daddy wuhk" (daddy's at work)
  • "baby seepin" (cameron's sleeping)
  • "uh oh cammen!" when cameron messes with her or what she's got in her hands
  • "kuhbey outide!" (kerbey, go outside!)
LOVE YOU BABYGIRL!  You make me laugh non stop lately :)  Such a sweetie pie!

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