Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday. April 16, 2011. 10:18pm.

We're back from Mexico.  It was AMAAZZIINNNGGGG.  So relaxing.  But we are SO tired.  How does that happen?  We missed the girls like CRAZY.  Being reunited with them was the greatest.  :)  Thanks to my mom & pops for being parents for the week :)

I have Warrior Dash en la manana and I'm a teeny bit scurrd.  I fear that my Mexican-getaway has left me with some stomach issues that are NOT super conducive to running 3.5 miles.  Hopefully it all works out :)   

My 2 munkshins are each a month older.  I'm pretty sure they turned 8 & 23 months like...yesterday?  But apparently not.  I've got to whip those posts together asap.  Maybe tomorrow after my morning of trudging through rivers & mudpits and scaling walls ;)

Nug is having a baby like...REALLY soon.  I AM FRIGGIN PUMPED!!!!  I'm kinda sorta going to be an aunt soon.  a baby to spoil and NOT discipline....holla.

Jacci is getting married ridiculously soon.  This makes me smile REALLY big every time I think about it!   SO EXCITED!!!!!!

Okay.  I need to sleep off this vacation hangover so I can be peppy & excited in the morning for WD!! Woohoo!

Happy Saturday.  It is soooooo good to be home w/mi familia!

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The Pack's said...

SO jealous you got to go to Mexico! I love it there and I'm so glad y'all had fun! Isn't it funny how people always come home needing a vacation FROM their vacation? I always feel that way! :)