Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Mornings w/Camo

I LOVE my mornings with little Camerton.  It's the ONLY time in her LIFE that we get alone time.  So...I totally cherish it.  She usually wakes up about an hour before Aves.  She lets me know she's ready to get outta bed by making all kinds of interesting noises, and when I go to get her she usually starts panting/snorting/bouncing with glee!  So cute.  I give her a bottle on the couch and then just let her run rampant in the living room.  I move the little "Cameron Bin" of toys, her music table, and her soccer ball into the middle of the floor, and as long as I stay super close and interact with her every few minutes, she is one happy camper.  I feel kind of bad that Avery had all the attention for an entire year, and Cameron never got that chance!  So this sorta kinda makes up for it.  Camo gets really excited when Avery and/or daddy wake up too.  Lately, she's started getting kind of cranky around Aves' normal wake-up time.  It's like she's just READY for her playmate to join her :)  So sweet.  I LOVE OUR MORNINGS!  I'm thankful for them and I'm thankful for a second little angel in my life :) 


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

You seriously are such an amazing momma!

Patricia Boettcher said...

Amen! It's those little sweet moments that mean the most.

Lauren said...

How sweet. My little boy, who is about the same age, does the exact same snort/pant when I go to get him when he wakes up! How funny. Though I think his snort/pant might be a little more vicious than your little sweetie :)