Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I {heart} you Austin, Texas!!

We spent last wknd in my fave place in America.  We had missed the previous few years' T-association reunions, so we were pumped to finally get to attend again!  We spent Friday night in Georgetown with B-Rizzle's college roomie & his fam.  We FINALLY got to meet little Ewan...such a cutie!  He was so sweet to the girls, shared all of his toys like a champ, and kept referring to Aves lovingly as, "that girl".  The 4 Bradfords spent that night in the same room.  All FOUR of us.  TOGETHER.  Needless to say...the night involved little sleep.  It was good to be reminded how blessed we are that we're able to live in a home that allows each of us to have our own room to sleep in!  Some people HAVE to sleep that way! I guess (hope) that maybe you just get acclimated?

Brian got up & outta there before the sun rose on Saturday to spend the day playing golf.  We hung around a bit and then headed into Austin to lunch @ Kerbey Lane w/some of my girrrrls (& baby Knox!!).  LOVED seeing some of my most favorite people who I miss so much!  Linzer was a trooper for bringing Knox in the middle of his nap-time (and for bringing her pregnant self!  She's expecting again..woohoo!!)  Driving through campus with my 2 BABIES in the backseat was kind of crazy.  I do NOT feel that far removed from UT.  Being on campus brings me the most overwhelming happiness I can't even put it into words.  I miss that place like crazy and consider it a gift from God every time I get to go back.  It just gives me peace.  Weird.  I know.  But it does :)  Anywho- A big bowl of Kerbey Queso was just as delish as I remembered.   And our subsequent trip to SnoBeach was perfection as well :)  Livin' the life.  We spent the rest of the afternoon hangin' out @ Banana's house until I had to meet B for the big dinner that night!  Riles, Tbabe, Banana, & her roomie took care of the girls for us (thx loves!) and we had a super great time.  LOVED getting to meet the new coaches, hear them talk up the team & their philosophies.  I particularly enjoyed talking w/the new strength & conditioning coach.  Wish we couldn't talked for an house! Mack seemed extra excited and encouraged about this year and all the coaching changes that took place (but that's his job right?...and he's dannnng good at it!)  After the dinner, we grabbed the girls & hit the road to F-Burg to meet my Pops.

snobeach = heaven on earth

sno beach deliciousness.
banana love.
dancing for uncle yiyi.  love.

 Big Poppy hadn't seen the girls in AGES (since Jan) and could hardly contain himself for the roughly 18 hours we were together.  He cooked us a yummy waffles & bacon breakfast, snuggled w/Camo on the back porch, took Aves on walks.... you know...grandpa stuff :)
gooooood morning!

We all attended the Orange-White game that afternoon.  The lettermen get to bring their little ones early to hang out on the sidelines during pre-game, so the girls enjoyed crawling around on the turf.  We got some cute pics!  All the little teeny-tinys in burnt orange were presh!  We left a little after half-time, and honestly, I only saw 2 plays the whole time.  The girls were WIPED OUT and SO ready to leave before we even arrived.  So, the ride home was pretty peaceful.  I loathed driving away from my fave place, but LOVED the time I got to spend there w/mi familia!

Until next time, my dear ATX!!

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Tbaby said...

Yay!!! for great memories:):) can't wait for more to come our wayy!

Love you, Rox:)

...who would have thought, in those days where we sat in Dixie's class next to each doodling away, and me listening, I guess;) haha who would have thought...