Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last Week was Cuh-razay.

So last week was way out of the ordinary.  We are usually pretty low-key around here, but last week was so not.  We got home from our Galvy trip around bedtime on Sunday night...finalllyyyy all back together.  Here's the breakdown of the craziest week ev:

Pretty normal.  The girls were catching up on sleep from the previous 4 days of being separated for the first time.  BUT that night we had our 1st co-ed softball game so we had a babysitter come over after the girls had gone down (we had a late game!)

I was @ a Workshop ALL DAY.  I left before the girls woke up and didn't return to the casa until bedtime!!  Carli said they did GREAT all day.  B was super dad and had evening/bedtime duty all alone.  But, Aves STRUGGLED that night.  We finally let her get up from 9-1030 (mainly bc I was sad that I hadn't seen her all day!)

Same workshop (which was the bomb btw), but I got home around dinner time.  Basically, just in time to love on the girls for a few minutes before Brian took them to Casizzle's to hang w/Tatum & the babysitter.  He had a softball game and I had bunco!  I did NOT want to go, but had already RSVPed.  It ended up being a SUPER great night of bunco-free genuine conversation.  Loved it.

Home Sweet Home all day!  But we had Lifegroup that night!  So...ANOTHER FRIGGIN BABYSITTER.   Again, Aves wouldn't go to bed on time...but we let her cry it out for a bit once we got home. 

MUCH-needed return to normalcy :) 

So I'm super thankful for our friends here.  I'm thankful for our church.  I'm thankful that we have a fun social life.  I'm thankful that we have a million babysitters that we LOVE.  I'm thankful for our kiddos' adorable little friends.  I'm thankful for the opportunities that God has provided for both Brian and for me.  I'm thankful for our house that we love! I'm thankful that we have the option to have crazy weeks like this one...

But I am also SO thankful that we have the luxury (at least I consider it a luxury!) of living a pretty low-key life here in the Bradford Household.  :) 

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