Saturday, May 29, 2010

San Antonio bday trip- day one!

Taking advantage of a childless weekend and trying to stay awake for a LATE movie!!
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Avery hearts her hats!

And her mommy and daddy :)
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camera difficulty

so i am actually excited about the thing meredith posted about.  i always tell brian that it looks like avery doesnt have a mom bc we have NO pics together.... i have even used the REAL digicam instead of my phone to take pics the last few days.... 

wellllll...the memory card is messed up and wont upload anything!!! ah!  bummer :(  so maybe i'll go back to phone pics for the remainder of the week.  bummer dude.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy 30th B-Riz!!

Today is my grrrrrrrrrrreat/awesome/superwonderful hub's 30th birthday!!  Yay!!  I've been excited about it for a while...I love birthdays.  He hasn't been super pumped about it ha- in fact I think he's a teeny bit depressed that he's officially out of his twenties! He just needed to be reminded how great his life is:  he's got a cuuuute little girl, another one on the way, a job he really enjoys and excels at, a cute/cozy apartment, and the coolest wife on the planet :) 

Anywayyy- we celebrate w/a yummy breakfast of waffles w/syrup, whipped cream, & strawberries on top...served on the "You are Special Today" plate (of course!).  It was my first time to use the plate and I used the little marker that came with it to write a bday msg on the bad the marker is PERMANENT!!  Nothing a good scrubbing couldn't fix :)

B had to work all day so Avery and I baked him a yummy blue cake, make some cards, and wrapped his mini-gift up so it would all be waiting for him when he got home!  The card was Avery's first coloring attempt and it was beauuutiful :)  Her daddy loved it.  I traced her hands on the inside of the card, which I thought would be extreeeemely difficult since she doesn't love sitting still these days.  But- she LOVED it and actually got mad when I was done with both hands ha.  Cutie. 

We went to dinner with a few friends last night to celebrate and Avery was NOT excited to be in a highchair.  She wore us out!  BUT- we had fun and can't waiiiittttttt for Friday afternoon to roll around when we head to San Antonio & F-burg for the long weekend for our FIRST childless GETAWAY!!!! Yippeeeee!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wknd Recap

Wellllll we had a fun wknd around here!  Friday night we met some friends @ Freebirds and then let the little ones run around for a while @ the outdoor Kid "Train Station".  Thennnn we finished off the night w/some frozen yogurt.  YUM.  

On Saturday, we all slept in....Ave didn't wake until 9:40!!!!  Whoa.  It was awesome :)  It's been AGES Brian and I were BOTH able to sleep in!   B played golf w/a buddy while Ave and I just spent the day chillin...she didn't seem to be feeling super great again so we pretty much laid low.  We had fam night Saturday night and just all hung out together.

Sunday morning Ave slept in AGAIN...this time until 9, so we went to 2nd service @ church, came home for a super quick clothing change and then headed to Irving for the final round of the Byron Nelson!!  Beautiful day...SUPER HOT though.  We all got our sweat on hardcore and Brian and I got a big time workout.  We were 100% EXHAUSTED by the time we left.  BUT- we couldn't resist a major craving for wings and then hit up the McKinney sno cone stand to finish off a great day!

Today, my legs are aching big time, but it was definitely worth the fun we had!  Hope everyone else had a great wknd!  Love <3

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Happy Bday to one of my dear old friendsies- JACCI!!!!  She turned 25 today, and I'm sad I couldn't give her a hug on her bday, bc she lives in SL w/her sweet (and beautiful) babygirl Scarlett who isn't such a babygirl anymore.  Whoa.  She's almost 3!  Anyway- back to Jacci.  We've been friends since middle school choir and I know we'll be friends for the rest of our lives.  Hopefully someday we'll live closer and can actually spend some more time together!! Love you sexy!!  Hope your bday wknd has been super fun, super relaxing, super happy, and that you've gotten to hang out with lots of ppl you lovvvve a LOT!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Graduation Wknd!!

Happy Graduation to Kayla Jane Agan who is celebrating her graduation this weekend from Texas Tech's Speech/Language Path Masters Program.  Yippeeee!  So proud :)  Love you!  Annnnd congrats to her hubby who also just graduated with his Masters from something I'm not sure of.  Yay Lance & Kayla!! You guys are studs :) 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crib Hunting!!

So Brian and I are in the market for a crib!!  We had a friend who was giving us their convertible crib...which was PERFECT bc the crib we already have is not convertible.  SO our plan has been to use our crib for Cameron and move Ave into the new one.  Howev, this little deal has fallen through and so we are now looking for another crib!  Anyone know anyone trying to sell a crib?  Convertible or not, really.  We don't want to buy one brand new, but of course will if we must :)  Anything for little Cameron & Aves.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Avery's First Pro Baseball Game!

We got a last-minute invite from some friends to go to the Rangers game last night, so of course we did!!  It was Avery's first pro baseball experience...and unfortunately she didn't nap well during the day so she was kind of exhausted the whole time.  BUT- she did have some happy moments and we all had a great time! Avery & Tatum ran around in the hall for a long time and evvveryone that worked at the stadium was in LOVE w them by the time we left haha.   Little Tatum is 3 months older than Avery and was seriously a bundle of joy the entire night!  So cute :)
cute babies :)
The super cute Weghorst Fam!
Us in the closest thing to Ranger blue we own! Can you tell Avery is tirrrred? 
Adorable little Tatum having a BLAST during the 7th inning stretch!

 Thanks Casey & Greg for inviting us!  The seats were awesome and we had a blast!  Can't wait to do it again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hey Hayyyys!

Our dearrrrrrrr friends, Chris & Kylee Hay, came to visit us this past wknd.  We had been looking forward to it for a couple of months, and of course we had a super great time w/them (as always.)  Friday night we all went to dinner and then hung out w/Hannah Banana at our apartment.  The guys played in a softball tourny in Fort Worth on Saturday, so Kylee Avery & I cheered them on for 6.5 hours!!!  We're troopers ha.  Avery cheered for daddy, ran around & played in the dirt, followed the big kids around & even napped for a couple of hours.  She was a sweet pea :)  We went to DT ft worth for dinner and had a great time (except when I blinked and avery got a hold of a jalapeno from my plate.  10 minutes of misery ensued, but then she was all better.  whoops.)  
We were soooo sad to see them go on Sunday morning, but we are spending Memorial Day wknd w/them so we'll see them again soon!  Yay for friend visits!

Oh...I took ZERO pics of/with kylee & chris.  DEPRESSING.  I'll make up for it M-Day wknd for sure!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

12mo. Stats

So Avery is a healthy happy little one year old.  But...she's teeny!  I was shocked to find out at her appointment this past week that she doesn't even weight 20 lb yet!!   Here are her stats at 12 mo:

Height: 24.75 in------57%
Weight: 19 lb------18%
Head: 18 in------70%

Little girl, big head.  Uh-oh....looks like we may have been mistaken...I think she actually has MY head, not Brian's little pea-head!  Unfortunate :) 

Here's what she's up to!

-Her new fav word: "daddy", which actually sounds more like "dad-mm." She says it over & over everytime she sees her sweet daddy!
-She has rediscovered her love for waving "byebye"
-She has started saying Kerbey again.
-She cries everytime we put her down for naps or bedtime, but falls asleep w/in 10 minutes (usu.). 
-Bedtime has been RANDOM bc mommy & daddy have been keeping her out late for all of our fun stuff we've had going on!
-Back to 2 naps/day...sometime 30 min, sometimes 2 hours.
-LOVVVVES to crawl up and down the curb outside.
-Loves to get everyone else to give kisses to her stuffed animals.
-Can find our nose and eyes. 
  • daddy- "dad-mm"
  • kerbey- "kerm"
  • light- "yi"
  • drink- "dee"
  • bite- "di-ee"
  • i want something really bad- "mama..."
-Still loves to dance to Taylor Swift, Laura Bell Bundy, Carrie Underwood, & Hillybilly Bone.  Hilar.
-Headbangs and fake laughs for her grandparents non-stop.
-Greets us w a massssive smile anytime she wakes up from good sleep.
-Is still not a fan of diapy change.
-Wont drink cold milk out of her sippy but LOVES warm milk out of her bottle.
-Loves chicken, eggs, strawberries, pineapple, graham crackers, green beans, carrots, PB sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, grilled cheese, FRENCH FRIES, frozen yogurt, fruit smoothies....almost anything we give her really :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Avery's 1st Bday Partay @ the Park!!

We celebrated Averton's 1st Bday this past Saturday @ a lovely little park in Frisco.  Both sets of grandparents, Avery's fav Aunt, a super-amaaazing surprise guest (explained later) and some super great friends came out to grill burgers, play in the sun, and watch Ave stuff her face w/ cake!  We had a terrific time.  Thanks SO much to everyone who made it out!

I think Avery thoroughly enjoyed herself, although she was SOOO tired for the majority of the time, the insanely strong winds nearly knocked her over on numerous occasions, and her terrible momma did a TERRIBLE job of reapplying her sunscreen so she got a little fried.  Whoops!

Now for some pics from the day:
sweet girl ready to party!!
snackin on some fruit to energize for the big event :)
sweet BIG baby jake!  he's 5 mo old and they're the same size!
months 1 thru 12 of Aves' adorable little life.  From alien baby to cutie pie!!
girl fam
girl FRIENDS/honorary aunts! <3
aves snuggling up on uncle riles.  my parents surprised us by flying riles in from HONDURAS for the wknd!! he's been living there for 4 months and isn't supposed to be home until cameron's born!!
yay for presents!
trying on some of her new clothes.  she lovvves to get dressed!
on a wagon ride w/nonni.  thx for the cool new toy nonni & big poppy!
diggin' in!
finishing it off/falling asleep :)  sweet pea.
she had quite the crowd to entertain :)
whew!! we made it! :) 

So we didn't get out even half of the cute little decorations we had bc under the pavilion it LITERALLY felt like hurricane winds...but I don't think Ave minded too much :)  She got her cake, her presents, and lots of love from lots of great people.  And the grillmaster/dad did an awwwesome job on the burgers! Thx babe :) Thanks again to everyone!  We love you guys!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


okay so i want to try cloth diapering with little cameron.  HOWEVER- i am SO unsure which type of diaper system i should use!!  do any of you out there use cloth diapers?  ...or have friends that use cloth diapers?  pleeeeeeeeeease give me input!!  im looking to save money AND be nicer to the earth :) cute as g-diapers are, they're out bc in the long run they would cost more than disposables!! 

k thanks/HELP!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where'd April Go???

So I need to devote an entire post to the month of April...and I will soon.  But for now...we're getting ready for Ave's big bday celebration on Saturday- woohoooo!!    The weather has been GORG this week, so I'm hoping the sun will stick it out for just a couple more days...despite what Mr.Weatherman tells me :)

Avery got her first 2 bday cards in the mail today and I think she knows that receiving snail-mail is something to get super pumped about- bc ever since we opened them she has been a complete and total SPAZ.  Speaking of...I've gotta go corral that child before she injures herself :)  Happy Thursday!!