Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hey Hayyyys!

Our dearrrrrrrr friends, Chris & Kylee Hay, came to visit us this past wknd.  We had been looking forward to it for a couple of months, and of course we had a super great time w/them (as always.)  Friday night we all went to dinner and then hung out w/Hannah Banana at our apartment.  The guys played in a softball tourny in Fort Worth on Saturday, so Kylee Avery & I cheered them on for 6.5 hours!!!  We're troopers ha.  Avery cheered for daddy, ran around & played in the dirt, followed the big kids around & even napped for a couple of hours.  She was a sweet pea :)  We went to DT ft worth for dinner and had a great time (except when I blinked and avery got a hold of a jalapeno from my plate.  10 minutes of misery ensued, but then she was all better.  whoops.)  
We were soooo sad to see them go on Sunday morning, but we are spending Memorial Day wknd w/them so we'll see them again soon!  Yay for friend visits!

Oh...I took ZERO pics of/with kylee & chris.  DEPRESSING.  I'll make up for it M-Day wknd for sure!

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