Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy 30th B-Riz!!

Today is my grrrrrrrrrrreat/awesome/superwonderful hub's 30th birthday!!  Yay!!  I've been excited about it for a while...I love birthdays.  He hasn't been super pumped about it ha- in fact I think he's a teeny bit depressed that he's officially out of his twenties! He just needed to be reminded how great his life is:  he's got a cuuuute little girl, another one on the way, a job he really enjoys and excels at, a cute/cozy apartment, and the coolest wife on the planet :) 

Anywayyy- we celebrate w/a yummy breakfast of waffles w/syrup, whipped cream, & strawberries on top...served on the "You are Special Today" plate (of course!).  It was my first time to use the plate and I used the little marker that came with it to write a bday msg on the bad the marker is PERMANENT!!  Nothing a good scrubbing couldn't fix :)

B had to work all day so Avery and I baked him a yummy blue cake, make some cards, and wrapped his mini-gift up so it would all be waiting for him when he got home!  The card was Avery's first coloring attempt and it was beauuutiful :)  Her daddy loved it.  I traced her hands on the inside of the card, which I thought would be extreeeemely difficult since she doesn't love sitting still these days.  But- she LOVED it and actually got mad when I was done with both hands ha.  Cutie. 

We went to dinner with a few friends last night to celebrate and Avery was NOT excited to be in a highchair.  She wore us out!  BUT- we had fun and can't waiiiittttttt for Friday afternoon to roll around when we head to San Antonio & F-burg for the long weekend for our FIRST childless GETAWAY!!!! Yippeeeee!!

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