Thursday, May 13, 2010

Avery's 1st Bday Partay @ the Park!!

We celebrated Averton's 1st Bday this past Saturday @ a lovely little park in Frisco.  Both sets of grandparents, Avery's fav Aunt, a super-amaaazing surprise guest (explained later) and some super great friends came out to grill burgers, play in the sun, and watch Ave stuff her face w/ cake!  We had a terrific time.  Thanks SO much to everyone who made it out!

I think Avery thoroughly enjoyed herself, although she was SOOO tired for the majority of the time, the insanely strong winds nearly knocked her over on numerous occasions, and her terrible momma did a TERRIBLE job of reapplying her sunscreen so she got a little fried.  Whoops!

Now for some pics from the day:
sweet girl ready to party!!
snackin on some fruit to energize for the big event :)
sweet BIG baby jake!  he's 5 mo old and they're the same size!
months 1 thru 12 of Aves' adorable little life.  From alien baby to cutie pie!!
girl fam
girl FRIENDS/honorary aunts! <3
aves snuggling up on uncle riles.  my parents surprised us by flying riles in from HONDURAS for the wknd!! he's been living there for 4 months and isn't supposed to be home until cameron's born!!
yay for presents!
trying on some of her new clothes.  she lovvves to get dressed!
on a wagon ride w/nonni.  thx for the cool new toy nonni & big poppy!
diggin' in!
finishing it off/falling asleep :)  sweet pea.
she had quite the crowd to entertain :)
whew!! we made it! :) 

So we didn't get out even half of the cute little decorations we had bc under the pavilion it LITERALLY felt like hurricane winds...but I don't think Ave minded too much :)  She got her cake, her presents, and lots of love from lots of great people.  And the grillmaster/dad did an awwwesome job on the burgers! Thx babe :) Thanks again to everyone!  We love you guys!!


The Keierleber Characters said...

How fun!? The last pic is AWESOME!

Gabby said...

So cute! Especially falling asleep while eating cake! I wish our girl liked getting dressed. Wow, she walks so well! Looks like a really good birthday :)

No Delay Gourmet said...
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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Happy Birthday to your little angel!!