Tuesday, May 11, 2010


okay so i want to try cloth diapering with little cameron.  HOWEVER- i am SO unsure which type of diaper system i should use!!  do any of you out there use cloth diapers?  ...or have friends that use cloth diapers?  pleeeeeeeeeease give me input!!  im looking to save money AND be nicer to the earth :)  so...as cute as g-diapers are, they're out bc in the long run they would cost more than disposables!! 

k thanks/HELP!!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am so interested in hearing more about this once you figure out all the kinks. I use to babysit a little girl who had cloth diapers, and that's the only one I know who has/had them! Sorry I am not any help, but I am sure there are some mommies out there that can help!!

Aly said...


I am going to use cloth diapers with our son. My cousin really likes "bum genius" and my other good friend likes "g-diapers." Both come with start up systems, and g-diapers have flushable/disposable inserts that make life less.. gross. Otherwise, you can buy the cloth inserts. Bum genius alter with the size of your child by using the snaps while g-diapers come in size of 10 lb increments. Both are all in ones (meaning they include the diaper and outside cover). Both also come in stylish colors... a bit more bulky on the baby's bottom but worth it for the environment :) Let me know if you have other questions... I don't know much since our son isn't quite here yet, but this is what I've learned so far.

apaslay@gmail.com :)

Kayla said...

I think Lance's cousin Brooke uses them with her baby! I will call her and get the details for ya!

Bo and Marie Mechinus said...

i totally wish we had used them with lyla. i've already decided that we will use them for the next baby we have. i have a friend who sells cloth diapers and uses them with her little girl, so she knows a lot. her website is www.diaperfluff.com.

Gabby said...

I can't be of much help, but let us know what you find! I have two friends that use cloth, so I'll ask them. I'm thinking about switching over, too, especially since they'll be much better later on down the road for potty training.

Tbaby said...

yea, so I started using cloth diapers for my...oh wait, what? haha I'm so glad you're going through all of this parenting stuff so by the time I have my children, you can educate me. Love you:) B)

Robin Brient said...

Hi Roxanne!

It's Robin Brient (McGregor)!
Hope you are well!

My friend shared this site with me bc I wanted to know more about cloth diapers, so here is pretty much everything you could ever want to know! Different kids, even a video on how to use!



the brock clan said...

I cloth diaper! I love it! If you are wanting to start from the beginning, prefolds and covers are the best way to start, because you can get them pretty inexpensive and get them in different sizes! Here is the website I get mine from: http://www.little-lions.com/
I use Indian Unbleached! Here is the website I get my covers from: www.kellyscloset.com
I use the "rinse and wipe clean" ones...specifically any Thirsties cover is great, they really are the best covers for prefolds. You will also need what they call a "snappi", it is the new version to hold the prefold together (instead of pins)...they sell them on this website too!

When my babies got a little bigger, 15+ lbs, I use prefolds/covers at home and one size pocket diapers when we are out...or for when the hubby is watching the baby! I I have used Smartipants, Bum Genius, and Mommy's Touch diapers and really like all of them! www.nickisdiapers.com has all 3 of these! My Bum Genius diaper has been the one that has lasted the longest! They are the most expensive, but I really like it! I have had friends that use FuzziBunz and really like them...they are sized diapers though, so you have to buy them in several different sizes as the baby grows.

For wipes, I made my own out of fleece and then use these soap bits and a little spray bottle.

You also need wet bags, they are what you put your dirty diapers in...nickis diapers sells those too...under diaper accessories!

This is a great website that you can read all about cloth diapers!

For washing, I have tried many different systems and have a great one down using Tide Original Powder!

Sorry, that is a lot of info, but I hope it all makes sense and is helpful...feel free to email me with questions...brockjojosh@yahoo.com

amanda Schwartz said...

OMG love the name Cameron, it was a name I had under my belt incase Brennan was in fact a girl..love love love it! By the way love all these great pics! You look wonderful