Sunday, May 16, 2010

12mo. Stats

So Avery is a healthy happy little one year old.  But...she's teeny!  I was shocked to find out at her appointment this past week that she doesn't even weight 20 lb yet!!   Here are her stats at 12 mo:

Height: 24.75 in------57%
Weight: 19 lb------18%
Head: 18 in------70%

Little girl, big head.  Uh-oh....looks like we may have been mistaken...I think she actually has MY head, not Brian's little pea-head!  Unfortunate :) 

Here's what she's up to!

-Her new fav word: "daddy", which actually sounds more like "dad-mm." She says it over & over everytime she sees her sweet daddy!
-She has rediscovered her love for waving "byebye"
-She has started saying Kerbey again.
-She cries everytime we put her down for naps or bedtime, but falls asleep w/in 10 minutes (usu.). 
-Bedtime has been RANDOM bc mommy & daddy have been keeping her out late for all of our fun stuff we've had going on!
-Back to 2 naps/day...sometime 30 min, sometimes 2 hours.
-LOVVVVES to crawl up and down the curb outside.
-Loves to get everyone else to give kisses to her stuffed animals.
-Can find our nose and eyes. 
  • daddy- "dad-mm"
  • kerbey- "kerm"
  • light- "yi"
  • drink- "dee"
  • bite- "di-ee"
  • i want something really bad- "mama..."
-Still loves to dance to Taylor Swift, Laura Bell Bundy, Carrie Underwood, & Hillybilly Bone.  Hilar.
-Headbangs and fake laughs for her grandparents non-stop.
-Greets us w a massssive smile anytime she wakes up from good sleep.
-Is still not a fan of diapy change.
-Wont drink cold milk out of her sippy but LOVES warm milk out of her bottle.
-Loves chicken, eggs, strawberries, pineapple, graham crackers, green beans, carrots, PB sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, grilled cheese, FRENCH FRIES, frozen yogurt, fruit smoothies....almost anything we give her really :)