Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hope everyone had a teeeerrific week!  Here's what's been going on around here...

On Monday morning, everyone in our house slept until 10am!!!  Craziness.  We were all SUPER exhausted from a super exciting Longino wedding weekend :)  The girls and I went on a Target run for some essentials...annnnd some non-essentials :)

Monday night we all cheered on B-Riz at his softball game!  It's not often that we're able to go, so we took advantage of a somewhat early game and incredible weather and headed to the ballpark :)  Yay daddy!

On Tuesday we met a super cool chick for lunch who I haven't seen in AGES!! She's been dying to meet the babies...

She introduced us to my new fav lunch spot- Zoe's Kitchen (healthy deliciousness), AND directed me to my first visit to Sprinkles! YUM!  We loved the Strawberry, Red Velvet, & Vanilla...and I enjoyed the Chocolate Marshmallow too.  PB Chip & Cinnamon Sugar? ...not so much...

B & Aves cooked dinner for us later that night and we just enjoyed a normal night at home.

On Wednesday the girls and I hung out, played outside, snacked, watched NickJr, and then we went out to dinner at Babe's (delish smoked chicken and bottomless corn & green beans!  amazing?  heck yes.)

Thurday was just a productive day around the house.  Both girls napped together (first time all week!) so I was able to get some good stuff done around the casa.

Our wknd was the bomb.  Casey & Tatum came over on Friday afternoon and then after dinner w the boys, Casey & I went out for a movie date to see "You Again".  SUPER fun...but wouldn't recommend the movie.  It was just super great to get out, leave the babies behind, and have a girl night!  When we got home, we played Rockband for hourrrs, for the first time in months.  SO FUN.  We caught some pretty hilarious footage on Greg's Flip.  Can't wait to go back and watch it :)

Saturday was a fun college football day (although UT LOST!!! boo) spent with Chris & Kylee.  Avery is IN LOVE with Chris.  She has loved Kylee since the day they met, but this new affection for Chris is adorable :)

This morning we headed to church, ate some yummy lunch, and now we're lounging, watching football until we head back to church for Hope 101 and to join!!  Yippeee!!

Amazing weather.  Sweet babies.  Fun Friend-time.  B & I are blessed. 

Happy Birthday Mamacita!

Ohhhh Happy Day!!!

On this day...a few years ago.... my super cool mom was born.  Thank you, Lord, for creating her.  She is the bomb. 

Shout out to YOU momma, for just being you!  You are fun, thoughtful, dependable, supportive, a stellar mommy, and a magniiiificent Nonni!!  Thanks for everything you do. You're awesome.

Hope today treats you kind.  Can't wait to see you again. 

Lovvve you!

Rox/Brian/Aves/Cameron Bradford <3

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UT Gunman

Couldn't believe the news I woke up to this morning. 

A man dressed in a business suit and a ski mask walked through campus with an AK-47.  After entering the PCL and heading to the 6th floor, he opened fire and then shot himself.  I'm so thankful that no one (but the shooter himself) was injured today.  Thank you, Lord, for protecting everyone on UT's campus! 


Monday, September 27, 2010

I Now Pronounce You...

 Mr. & Mrs.  Noah & Kayla LONGINO!!!

Brian and I were in the Longino wedding this weekend and it was sooooo much fun!  It was an outdoor wedding, set on the lake in Pilot Point.  The weather ended up being perrrrfect (after a day full of WORRYING).  Everything went SO smoothly!  The flowers were absolutely beauuuutiful... so beautiful in fact that the wedding was chosen to be featured in a bridal mag!

A huuuge thanks to the Bradfords for watching the girls for us for most of the weekend.  Brian and I were able to stay out super late on Saturday night thanks to them.  After the reception, the bride & groom invited the wedding party plus a few close friends to dance party it up in their honeymoon suite.  Annnnd dance party we DID...until 4am!  For Brian and I, it was a MUCH appreciated night of just being us and not worrying about feeding or tending to crying babies :)  We stayed up wayyyy past our normal bedtime and had a fabbbulous time doing so. 


We love both of you guys SO much and are soooo excited about the rest of your life together as hubby and wifey!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Week I'm...

This week I'm pumped that I won in both of my fantasy leagues!  Andre & Matt Schaub hooked me they should.  Andre Johnson is only the best receiver in the league :)  Love it.

This week I'm stoked that the Texans have opened their season 2-0.  Saweeeeet.  It's about time, fellas.

This week I'm really excited to that Michael Vick has been named the STARTERRRR for the Eagles.  Seriously.  SO pumped.  I miss watching that boy play.

This week I am heartbroken for Reggie Bush!  First the Heisman debacle (which I totally don't agree with btw), and then a broken leg.  SERIOUSLY??  Poor Reg.

This week I'm sad that my Pawpaw is still in the hospital and is struggling physically with breathing and lack of energy, and struggling mentally with indecision from the doctors.

This week I am praying for Pawpaw constantly.
This week I'm thankful that I have gotten to chat with each of my brothers on numerous occasions and I got to hang out with my sis-in-law.  Love you guys!

This week I am having trouble believing that my baby brother is 21!!!  Reidster- you're the bomb.  I'm proud of you and I can't wait to see where you go in life!

This week I am optimistic about the future of Mr. Noah Longino & Miss Kayla Czajkowski (soon to be Mrs. Longino!)  I am SO looking forward to the wedding festivities this weekend!

This week I am relieved that Brian is home from his work trip.

This week I'm a little under the weather, but it could be worse :)

This week I'm ecstatic that Glee is BACK baby.

This week I'm ANNOYED that ppl break into other ppl's cars and steal their stuff!  NOT NICE.

This week I am proud of my hubby for his character.  He works hard, displays honesty & integrity every day in his work, and he is finding success.  You're awesome babe!!

This week I am thankful for soooo many incredible blessings in my life.  I'm thankful that my God is a GOOD God. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

9 HOURS!!!

Okay.  Cameron went NINE HOURS between feedings last night!!  WHOA.  Now if we can only get past this colicky phase every night until midnight! 

Mommy is a happy girl this morning :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cameron: 2 Months

My baby munchkin is a pretty healthy little 2-month old!

Weight: 11lb 7oz - 66%
Height: 23in - 82%
Head: 40%

-her jaundice has draaaastically improved- still some yellowish tints here and there
-extended feedings at night to anywhere from 5-7 hours.  sweeeeet.
-appears to be "colicky".  boo for nightly screaming sessions from 9p-12a.
-is smiling a few times a day when mommy is talking to her
-anytime we do tummy time- she rolls over to her back pretty immediately
-can lift her head, but not her chest very well
-can support her body weight with her legs
-eats every 2.5-4 hours during the day (usu 3)...but only about 2-3 oz at a time still!
-sleeping times are generally 12-8 with a feeding or two thrown in there!
-loves her bouncer when it's vibrating
-likes her playmat for about 10 min at a time
-still likes to be held! :)
-likes her swing as long is it swings from side to side (yay!)

We love our sweet pea and are lovvving having another baby around!  We know that she is a blessing from God and was perfectly created by Him.  Thanks, Lord, for hooking our household up with lots and lots of joy and love!!  You are good.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Tatum came over tonight while her momma had open house and her daddy had a softball game.  The girls were hilar, as always.  The little ladies just played & played.  

They played with Giant Legos.

They played on the little laptop.  

They played dress up.  

They played WrestleMania.   

They pooped each other out big time!

Sweet babies :)  Cutest little Bffs.

Prayers for Pawpaw

My Pawpaw was diagnosed last week with stage 4 cancer.  They found the cancer in a bone marrow sample from his spine, but they know that this is not the original location.  They are continuing to run tests in order to find the affected locations and most importantly, the location where it started, in order to make decisions about the types of chemo drugs to use.

My Pawpaw is 79, still goes to work every day (he's a lawyer), plays golf with his buddies, goes to watch his grandkids sports, etc...  That is, until about 6 weeks ago.  Over a matter of about a week, he got to the point where he needed help getting dressed, and even getting up off the couch and walking to the kitchen for a drink!  The doctors originally diagnosed him with a muscle disease, but when the treatment had no effect, they tested further and found cancer.

They suspect that it began in his colon, and based on this theory, they began chemo on Saturday.  Although cancer is never good news, my Pawpaw is happy to have a diagnose and a game-plan (or at least the start of one).

Please pray for him to continue to gain back some strength, for an increased appetite, for increased energy, for the chemo to be HARD on the cancer cells, but easy on the rest of his body.  Pray for his diabetes to stay under control, and pray for his mental strength.  He and my Nana are so thankful for the blessing of family and friends and cannot stop talking about how lucky they feel to have so many people visiting them/loving on them/encouraging them right now.  It's pretty cool :)

Thanks for the prayers!  And hey- while you're at it- check out my friend Meredith's blog.  Her momma is finishing up her chemo with a series of 4 INTENSE treatments.  I know they would so appreciate your prayers as well!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hook 'em

B and I get season tickets to UT football each year, but at this point in our lives, it's just not convenient to make the trip down to austin for every single home game.  Our plan this wknd was to just lay low and try to sell our tickets to someone...but no one claimed them.  SO at the LAST minute- Cameron & I hit the road to Austin!! 

Hannah-Banana watched Cameron while Betho & I went to the game.  It was Nug's first game and we had a grand ol' time cheering our Horns on to a victory.  Hook em'!!  After the game, I got to see some old ACU ppl that I haven't seen in forev- super fun!  When we finally got back to Cody & Nug's we were so ready for bed...but Cameron had a massive explosion that filled her carseat and leaked all over Betho's house. Whoops. 

Aves and B-Riz had a fun little daddy/daughter bonding wknd here in Plano.  They hung out, played, and watched football together.  Daddy even got her ready for church alll by himself...and she looked extra cute.  I'm so proud babe :)

Uncle Reidster stopped by for a mini-visit as he passed through to McKinney.  We love you Reider!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Avery: 16 Months

My angel is growing up.

-22 lb
-still a shorty/skinny little thing
-is a successful BumGenius 3.0 wearer now!
-is the greatest big sis
-loves to give Cameron kisses
-is SO disturbed by Cameron's crying
-is absolutely terrified of the vaccum
-FINALLYYYY says "mama"
-other words, "dah" (dog), "dite" (bite or drink), "daddmm" (daddy), "mama", "byebye", "uh oh", "hi", "duh" (duck), "bah" (ball), "mmm" (yummy), "tsh" (trash), "taddmm" (tatum)
-bedtime: 815ish, sleeps until 9ish
-still cried out a few times during the night but always goes back to sleep pretty quickly
-1 nap a day (2-3 hours)
-jumps (but doesn't really leave the ground)
-current dance moves: twirl, drop it like it's hot, shake your booty
-lovvves bathtime a LOT
-can recognize all her extended family & point to them in pics
-calls most animals "dah"
-loves walks outside
-can put on her own shoes (slip ons)
-loves mommy & daddy's shoes
-always trying to put on more clothes
-loves pushing her "friends" in her baby stroller
-loves her giant legos
-loves her baby laptop

Avery melts our hearts every single day.  LITERALLY.  every. single. day.  She is so overflowing with joy and laughter and smiles.  She is so incredibly friendly to pretty much everyone she sees.  She's a jabberbox.  She dances anytime she hears music.  She loves on her baby sister.  She loves on her animals & dolls.  She is just such a vibrant and joyful little lovebug.  Brian & I are in love with that child and are so so thankful that God blessed us with little Averton!!  She brings an unimaginable amount of happiness to our life!!

Love you Aves!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Wknd

We spent a super relaxing Labor Day wknd @ my parents' place in F-burg.  LOVED IT.   Our Friday afternoon/night drive down there took 7 HOURS!!  dang.  On Saturday night we ventured into San A to see Trinity play.  Aves had the BEST time running around and trying to keep up with the big kids during the game...but by the end she was donesky.  Cameron did pretty darn well too...I was so proud of my little colicky baby :)

We spent most of our time just relaxing, snacking, playing horseshoes, enjoying the absolutely breathtaking view, listening to music....  ahhh life out in the middle of nowhere is awesome. B-Riz even got to dove hunt while we were there...umm...he was in heaven :)

Aves, Cameron and I went back to SL for a few days to visit Pawpaw in the hospital and to hang out with Nonni & Big Poppy a little longer.  We swam @ my parents' house and I got to have a girls night out with girls that I NEVER get to see, which was SO nice.  My mom drove us back on Wednesday night...we were happy to see B-Riz...we missed him!!