Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hope everyone had a teeeerrific week!  Here's what's been going on around here...

On Monday morning, everyone in our house slept until 10am!!!  Craziness.  We were all SUPER exhausted from a super exciting Longino wedding weekend :)  The girls and I went on a Target run for some essentials...annnnd some non-essentials :)

Monday night we all cheered on B-Riz at his softball game!  It's not often that we're able to go, so we took advantage of a somewhat early game and incredible weather and headed to the ballpark :)  Yay daddy!

On Tuesday we met a super cool chick for lunch who I haven't seen in AGES!! She's been dying to meet the babies...

She introduced us to my new fav lunch spot- Zoe's Kitchen (healthy deliciousness), AND directed me to my first visit to Sprinkles! YUM!  We loved the Strawberry, Red Velvet, & Vanilla...and I enjoyed the Chocolate Marshmallow too.  PB Chip & Cinnamon Sugar? ...not so much...

B & Aves cooked dinner for us later that night and we just enjoyed a normal night at home.

On Wednesday the girls and I hung out, played outside, snacked, watched NickJr, and then we went out to dinner at Babe's (delish smoked chicken and bottomless corn & green beans!  amazing?  heck yes.)

Thurday was just a productive day around the house.  Both girls napped together (first time all week!) so I was able to get some good stuff done around the casa.

Our wknd was the bomb.  Casey & Tatum came over on Friday afternoon and then after dinner w the boys, Casey & I went out for a movie date to see "You Again".  SUPER fun...but wouldn't recommend the movie.  It was just super great to get out, leave the babies behind, and have a girl night!  When we got home, we played Rockband for hourrrs, for the first time in months.  SO FUN.  We caught some pretty hilarious footage on Greg's Flip.  Can't wait to go back and watch it :)

Saturday was a fun college football day (although UT LOST!!! boo) spent with Chris & Kylee.  Avery is IN LOVE with Chris.  She has loved Kylee since the day they met, but this new affection for Chris is adorable :)

This morning we headed to church, ate some yummy lunch, and now we're lounging, watching football until we head back to church for Hope 101 and to join!!  Yippeee!!

Amazing weather.  Sweet babies.  Fun Friend-time.  B & I are blessed. 


Kristin Alexander said...

You have the cutest little Longhorn babies I have ever seen! I was fortunate enough to run into your parents at the Tech/UT game a few weeks ago, and it made me really miss the Curry Connection! I hope all is well with you and your cute family. Avery seems to be such a happy and spirited little munchkin =)

Tbaby said...

UMMMMMMM....Zoe's Kitchen is one of my absoulute FAVES! I was first introduced about 2 years ago in we have one in austin...protein power plate. my fave...yay:)