Friday, September 3, 2010

Sister, Sister

Avery loves her babysis.  She gets a little annoyed sometimes that I am constantly holding Cameron, but she lovvvvvves her all the same.  Anytime Cameron makes a PEEP, Averton drops whatEVER she's doing and sprints (Avery-style...which is pretty hilar) to wherever Cameron is to make sure she's okay.  If I don't respond IMMEDIATELY, she scurries over to me and makes this cute little noise and points in Cam's direction like, "Mom!!  Cameron's crying, don't you hear her!!? Help!"  It really is the cutest thing.  Aves will offer Cameron the paci if she can reach her, like surely that will solve the problem!  She'll pet her sweet little head and bend down to give her a kiss too.  She is presh.  Such a sweetheart with so much love to give!  I seriously think she might be the best sister in the universe.  Time will tell :)

On another note- last night was monumental.  I only got up to feed Cameron ONCE!! I got up numerous other times to give her a paci or otherwise sooth her back to sleep, but hey- I'll take it!  After her 2:10 feeding it took almost TWO hours to get her to FINALLy go back to sleep.  That child was WIDE.EYED.  But she 100% made up for it by not eating again until 8:30.  Thanks Cameron!!

Super pumped to spend this long wknd in F-burg with my parentals, Rileton, my girls, my stellar hubster, and allie!!  Yay!! 


Gabby said...

Aw! So sweet.

Tbaby said...

:) love :)

Alyssa said...

This is the sweetest thing! and YAY for getting up once...I'm sure that felt awesome!

the brock clan said...

Very sweet! My first 2 daughter's are 1 year and 8 days are bringing back many sweet memories for me! It is crazy, but fun!

On another note, did you notice we are scarf swap partners?! I am excited. I have sent you a few emails! Not trying to be crazy on you, just making sure they didn't get sent to spam or something!