Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Avery: 16 Months

My angel is growing up.

-22 lb
-still a shorty/skinny little thing
-is a successful BumGenius 3.0 wearer now!
-is the greatest big sis
-loves to give Cameron kisses
-is SO disturbed by Cameron's crying
-is absolutely terrified of the vaccum
-FINALLYYYY says "mama"
-other words, "dah" (dog), "dite" (bite or drink), "daddmm" (daddy), "mama", "byebye", "uh oh", "hi", "duh" (duck), "bah" (ball), "mmm" (yummy), "tsh" (trash), "taddmm" (tatum)
-bedtime: 815ish, sleeps until 9ish
-still cried out a few times during the night but always goes back to sleep pretty quickly
-1 nap a day (2-3 hours)
-jumps (but doesn't really leave the ground)
-current dance moves: twirl, drop it like it's hot, shake your booty
-lovvves bathtime a LOT
-can recognize all her extended family & point to them in pics
-calls most animals "dah"
-loves walks outside
-can put on her own shoes (slip ons)
-loves mommy & daddy's shoes
-always trying to put on more clothes
-loves pushing her "friends" in her baby stroller
-loves her giant legos
-loves her baby laptop

Avery melts our hearts every single day.  LITERALLY.  every. single. day.  She is so overflowing with joy and laughter and smiles.  She is so incredibly friendly to pretty much everyone she sees.  She's a jabberbox.  She dances anytime she hears music.  She loves on her baby sister.  She loves on her animals & dolls.  She is just such a vibrant and joyful little lovebug.  Brian & I are in love with that child and are so so thankful that God blessed us with little Averton!!  She brings an unimaginable amount of happiness to our life!!

Love you Aves!!!

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Gabby said...

I love that your baby will wear hats/headbands/dress up clothes!!!