Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cameron: 2 Months

My baby munchkin is a pretty healthy little 2-month old!

Weight: 11lb 7oz - 66%
Height: 23in - 82%
Head: 40%

-her jaundice has draaaastically improved- still some yellowish tints here and there
-extended feedings at night to anywhere from 5-7 hours.  sweeeeet.
-appears to be "colicky".  boo for nightly screaming sessions from 9p-12a.
-is smiling a few times a day when mommy is talking to her
-anytime we do tummy time- she rolls over to her back pretty immediately
-can lift her head, but not her chest very well
-can support her body weight with her legs
-eats every 2.5-4 hours during the day (usu 3)...but only about 2-3 oz at a time still!
-sleeping times are generally 12-8 with a feeding or two thrown in there!
-loves her bouncer when it's vibrating
-likes her playmat for about 10 min at a time
-still likes to be held! :)
-likes her swing as long is it swings from side to side (yay!)

We love our sweet pea and are lovvving having another baby around!  We know that she is a blessing from God and was perfectly created by Him.  Thanks, Lord, for hooking our household up with lots and lots of joy and love!!  You are good.


Gabby said...

Yay. Sounds great. It will be great to have this record to look back at one day when she's older.

Catie Grace Bird said...

She's so precious Rox!