Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aves Kinder Chronicles: Day 7 {Walk The Walk}

So I always said my dream was to live right across the street from our elementary school and wave to my kids from my front porch as they walk across and head to class each morning!  Pleasantville much?  That dream obviously did NOT come to fruition...but I'd say I'm 100% satisfied with the cards life has dealt my fam and me thus far!

Well with this whole drop-off-drama situation, I thought that walking might put a little pep in Aves' step as she heads into school on the daily... and we're testing it out this week!  The walk from the Drop off Line to the front door of the school quickly became the WALK OF DEATH to little Averton... so I'm looking to rewrite The Walk's story a little bit :).

This morning all 3 of my #bradfordbabes strolled from the park over to the school TOGETHER.  Aves loved it.  We found about 875 caterpillars and turned a 5 minute walk into a 15 minute one!  She stopped dead in her tracks once we reached the path that leads into the front doors, but with a little coaxing, I got her to step inside (hand in mine) and then with the help of a front office lady and one of BWE's sweet little teachers, we pried her fingers away from mine and off she went...tear free!  Was there whining?  Yes.  Was there hesistancy?  Absolutely.  Was there a waterfall of distraught tears?  No sir!!!  PROGRESS to the max.  Proud of my girl!

Camo's first day of PreK was today too!  More on my 2nd big girl later.  Proud of my growing baby-nuggets!!