Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mini-Vacay in the Big Apple!

So... Brian and I totally had a blast in NYC :) I hadn't been there since high school when me, magen, loobs, and sexy had a blast singing at carnegie hall and roaming the city streets :) So... we don't have quite as many pictures as we had HOPED...because yours truly brought the digi but forgot the charger! bummer :( anyway, here are some pictoral highlights of our awesome Christmas Vacay!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vote for TRINITY (aka-Rileton!)

Vote for the incredible play known nationwide as The Mississippi Miracle:

So, I know that my blog's circle of influence consists strictly of my fav female friends who, for the most part, don't care a whole lot about football, HOWEVER!! This is NOT just about football...this is about Mr. Rileton super cool bro who we all know and love...right?? Okay, regardless of your feelings for my brother, PUH-PUH-PUH-PLEEEEEEEEEEASE click this link and vote each week for TRINITY for ESPN's Pontiac Game-Changing Performance of the YEAR!! The top teams will get an invite to the ESPYs!!!! (the link will take you to the "Trinity Miracle" page. Scroll down a bit and you will see a big box in the middle of the page where you can click to go to the ESPN voting page. THEN, just click on Trinity!

Now...For those of you who don't know what the ESPYs are, every notable athlete in every single sport is present. It's basically like..the Grammys of sports.'s a big deal. And if Trinity makes it to the top, Riley is pretty much guaranteed a spot to go with his coach..ANNND if he gets a date, one of my lifelong dreams will be within reach!! I'm pretty sure that he would choose Morgan, the love of his life, over me...but I'm TOTALLY willing to pay her out!! Okay...anyway. Just please vote. Not for me, but for all of the Div3 football boys at Trinity who never have and probably never will experience this kind of attention again! How FUN, huh?

k. thanks loves :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

~ellie Dub~

A friend of mine from UT shared this with me. She has some friends who have been trying to adopt an international child and have had all kinds of problems with the process. Through their struggles they discovered this super awesome clothing company who's mission is to aid families in raising funds for rescue adoptions. AWESOME. You totally need to check it out. They've got some hip and totally wearable stuff.

I dig it. I think you will too.

Elliedub - Mission Tailored Clothing

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Brian's and my first Christmas Tree!! yay!! :) Okay, so I know it's only 4.5 feet tall and we don't even have a tree topper yet, but we love it :)
So this weekend was Kerbey's big introduction to the Curry Familia! They lovvvvved her! (duh.) And soooo did Tori (my parents' dog). Everytime Kerbey went near her she started salivating like crazzzzy and drooled EVERYWHERE...including all over poor little Kerbs! :) hahaha it was SICK.
We were home for The Reidster's playoff game against Texas Football GIANT, Katy High. This is Reid's LAST TIME to head to the center with his fellow captains for a High School coin toss!

At the game I saw Lenny, pretty much the greatest CHS fan ever, at the game annnd Tay Tay, who I hadn't seen in almost 2 years! I miss my soccer girls! Oh, and Lenny and I spent halftime brainstorming ideas for our high school 10-yr reunion! haha...i think we have plenty of time to get THAT thing planned. :) BTW- I'm PRETTY sure my hair was straight when I arrive at the game. Darn humidity!

Okay. So I know we lost 42-0 (trag), but it was still a totally cool experience for the guys and it was really fun to be there! I have DEFINITELY never seen so many ppl interested in a Clements football game. I'm pretty sure the attendance at this single game outdid a typical SEASON's attendance for CHS. YAY :) I'm so proud of the little studs.

All of Reidster's biggest fans after the game...AFTER he had showered! What a cute little family portrait :)

I woke up the other morning to take Kerbey out and THIS is what I found!! The golf course was completely whited out! SOOO pretty! I got to catch the gorgeous sunrise, too :) I LOVVVVE winter!

Doesn't Kerbey look studious? She's getting so big!! she kept attacking the Santa Hat I had up on the couch. I finally just let her have it...but NOT before I created a cute photo opp :)

Kerbey Lane and me!! about you just look at Kerbey, and ignore the "me" part of this pic. was early okay??
Other highlights of the week:
  • I got to head to Austy for a VERY short time to do a fun presentation at UT (oh how it made me MISS being a Longhorn student!!)
  • I got to hang out with Banana for quite a while who I miss a WHOLE heck of a lot!
  • I got to go to dinner with LizzyFizzle on her graduation weekend and get the scoop on her life/relationship/future plans! It was SO great to hear how amazing she is doing!
  • I got to see my Moo...even if it WAS only for an hour :)
  • The Curry Connection was back in action for the weekend and it rocked!
  • Brian flew back to NYC for his last out of town phase of training.
  • WE SOLD MY CAR!!!!!!!!!! finally! :) Thanks Mer for the selling tips!
  • I got to see Kayla at church!!!!! Um...i MISS youuuu!

PRAYER REQUESTS for the week:

  • Please pray for an anonymous friend who is going through an EXTREMELY trying time.
  • My cousin (in-law) is about to go through a tough divorce. There are 3 kids involved and it is just SO heartbreaking!
  • Mer's grandfather, who is expected to sit with Jesus in the near future, and their family
  • My friend, Tiffany, who we have been training at APEC. She takes her physical exam on Thursday...the last step to make it into the FBI!! She is SUPER nervous and anxious and excited!
  • Safety for my trip to NYC on Friday and for the returning trip for both Brian and me!! CAN'T WAIT TO DO THE NYC CHRISTMAS EXPERIENCE w/the hub!! <3>

Monday, December 3, 2007

it's "FLUE" season...

So... Brian, Kerbey, and I woke up to some awesome 35 degree weather this morning. We were SUPER thrilled because that meant we got to use all of the fire-making supplies that we bought last week! yayyyy! I love cozy little fires when it's cold outside! So Brian gets the fire all prepared to be lit and makes sure the flue is open, because our smoke detectors go off when I boil water (SO annoying!) Well... the little flue switch isn't labelled so we can't tell when it's open or closed. We figure if smoke starts billowing into our living room then we should PROBABLY flip the switch the other way. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Let's just try it. So...we did just that!

A few minutes later our whole place is FILLED with smoke, and the shrill, EAR-PIERCING screech of BOTH smoke detectors is threatening to deafen our whole building. Brian is flipping the switch back and forth trying to figure why the heck it won't work, I'm standing on a chair frantically waving a towel and pillow by the smoke detector to get it to SHUT UP before my eardrums explode, Kerbey has freaked out and is cowering under the chair, Brian and I take turns sprinting to the sink to fill a bucket and douse the fireplace until it has completely flooded over, and Brian and I are suffering from burning eyes/nose and are near the point of suffocating. Not to mention I was worried that the neighbors were going to freak out and that the fire department would be storming through our door at any moment. Well...Brian finally just ripped the smoke alarms out of the ceiling and after a few minutes with all the doors open, the smoke started to dissipate.

We proceeded to rant about how retarded it was that the flue was disfunctional. We made plans to go ranting and raving to the office about how they needed to come fix the flue and make them feel guilty for ruining our morning. Brian went over to dry up some of the water from the fireplace and he goes, "uh... whoops..." So um.... he found the REAL flue switch. We were totally flipping the wrong little metal thingy. So... yeah... "whoops" :) It's not OUR fault the flue switch is tucked away so that you can't even see it!! How much sense does THAT make!? LABELS, people!!! A simple label could have saved us a LOT of trouble this cold, December morning! Oh well... good story to tell right? And definitely made for some good laughs and a humbling moment :) We enjoyed a fire anyway... and Kerbey FINALLY stopped trembling with fear about an hour later.

Moral of the story:
ALWAYS disarm your smoke alarm before building your first fire of the winter. could always just label your flue switch!


Saturday, December 1, 2007

We got ELFED!!!

hahaha...I remember this thing, but it has NEVER been quite so funny. So... apparently all the cool kids are doing, therefore, the Bradfords have joined in the Elfing Extravaganza!!!

PS- props to all of my blogging buddies whose elfinations are HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!! PLEASE go Elf Yourselves, if you haven't already!!