Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Brian's and my first Christmas Tree!! yay!! :) Okay, so I know it's only 4.5 feet tall and we don't even have a tree topper yet, but we love it :)
So this weekend was Kerbey's big introduction to the Curry Familia! They lovvvvved her! (duh.) And soooo did Tori (my parents' dog). Everytime Kerbey went near her she started salivating like crazzzzy and drooled EVERYWHERE...including all over poor little Kerbs! :) hahaha it was SICK.
We were home for The Reidster's playoff game against Texas Football GIANT, Katy High. This is Reid's LAST TIME to head to the center with his fellow captains for a High School coin toss!

At the game I saw Lenny, pretty much the greatest CHS fan ever, at the game annnd Tay Tay, who I hadn't seen in almost 2 years! I miss my soccer girls! Oh, and Lenny and I spent halftime brainstorming ideas for our high school 10-yr reunion! haha...i think we have plenty of time to get THAT thing planned. :) BTW- I'm PRETTY sure my hair was straight when I arrive at the game. Darn humidity!

Okay. So I know we lost 42-0 (trag), but it was still a totally cool experience for the guys and it was really fun to be there! I have DEFINITELY never seen so many ppl interested in a Clements football game. I'm pretty sure the attendance at this single game outdid a typical SEASON's attendance for CHS. YAY :) I'm so proud of the little studs.

All of Reidster's biggest fans after the game...AFTER he had showered! What a cute little family portrait :)

I woke up the other morning to take Kerbey out and THIS is what I found!! The golf course was completely whited out! SOOO pretty! I got to catch the gorgeous sunrise, too :) I LOVVVVE winter!

Doesn't Kerbey look studious? She's getting so big!!

Um...so she kept attacking the Santa Hat I had up on the couch. I finally just let her have it...but NOT before I created a cute photo opp :)

Kerbey Lane and me!! Um...how about you just look at Kerbey, and ignore the "me" part of this pic. ....it was early okay??
Other highlights of the week:
  • I got to head to Austy for a VERY short time to do a fun presentation at UT (oh how it made me MISS being a Longhorn student!!)
  • I got to hang out with Banana for quite a while who I miss a WHOLE heck of a lot!
  • I got to go to dinner with LizzyFizzle on her graduation weekend and get the scoop on her life/relationship/future plans! It was SO great to hear how amazing she is doing!
  • I got to see my Moo...even if it WAS only for an hour :)
  • The Curry Connection was back in action for the weekend and it rocked!
  • Brian flew back to NYC for his last out of town phase of training.
  • WE SOLD MY CAR!!!!!!!!!! finally! :) Thanks Mer for the selling tips!
  • I got to see Kayla at church!!!!! Um...i MISS youuuu!

PRAYER REQUESTS for the week:

  • Please pray for an anonymous friend who is going through an EXTREMELY trying time.
  • My cousin (in-law) is about to go through a tough divorce. There are 3 kids involved and it is just SO heartbreaking!
  • Mer's grandfather, who is expected to sit with Jesus in the near future, and their family
  • My friend, Tiffany, who we have been training at APEC. She takes her physical exam on Thursday...the last step to make it into the FBI!! She is SUPER nervous and anxious and excited!
  • Safety for my trip to NYC on Friday and for the returning trip for both Brian and me!! CAN'T WAIT TO DO THE NYC CHRISTMAS EXPERIENCE w/the hub!! <3>


Our Wonderful Life said...

I LOVE your festive tree!! We have a miniature tree too! I am SO glad I got to see you even if it was only for like 3 minutes! I can't wait to see you again soon. Also Kerbey is adorable....it makes me want a puppy SO bad! :) I LOVE YOU! Have fun in NYC! :)

Kellianne said...

So glad to see you at the football game! Brought back many memories! Have so much fun on your NYC trip...I'll be there soon too!

Tichenor Family said...

sooo happy you sold your car!
hooray for new york at christmas time, you're going to LOVE it.
kerbey & that santa hat, too cute!
thanks for the prayers!
love you so much, mer

Jacci said...

ah, i love kerbey! the santa hat is SO cute! and i love your little tree, and i love you! nyc will be so fun! i'm excited for you ;) have a great time with the hubs!