Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Festival Cuties!

Since B-Riz had golf plans and Casizzle was down with that dern stomach bug, G-Money & I (in true Bradford-Weghorst Commune style) took Aves, Cam, & Tot to Hope Fellowship's Fall Festival yesterday.  THEY WERE PRESHLINGS!!

They had SO much fun sporting their cute little costumes.  They ADORED the opportunity to run around with all the big kids.  They jumped @ the chance to pig out on popcorn & cotton candy (thx for waiting in that line, Geg!) Aves' excitement about the giant inflatable slides was super adorable.  She would have gone up & down those things for 3 hours straight if there weren't lines for every ride.

Our 3 little ladies are really almost like siblings.  LOVE seeing them interact and play together.  Thanks Geg, for helping with the leetle ladies, and for taking over photographer duties since your wifey couldn't make it.  

The girls are SOOOOOOO excited to trick-or-treat tonight (esp Aves...Cam doesn't totally get it yet.)  Avery keeps asking me, "Where's Halloween, mommy???"  Love my littles and can't wait to take them door to door tonight with B-Riz!  Also TOTALLY can't wait for them to help us hand out candy.  

Cutie pies.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Cameron's First Pigtails

When CamCam was a teeny-tiny, people ALWAYS thought she was a boy.  Regardless of how much pink she had on, the fact that she never kept a bow on her head resulted in millions of "how old is he?", "oh he's a precious boy!" blahblahblah.  I really didn't care to be honest.  I know that the name "Cameron" threw people off even more, so I would just say thanks and, "oh, by the way...she's a girl.  don't feel bad...everyone calls her a boy!"  I'm pretty sure people still felt bad.  :)

We're pretty far past the gender confusion stage, but just for those who might still have the inkling to call my C-Lil a boy, SHE CAN NOW ROCK THE PIGGIES!! I pulled Cam's hair into pigtails the other day and um... I melted.  She looked SO presh.  her hair just seems to get thicker and longer everyday!  I'll prob have to give her first trim soon to keep those bangs out of her eyeballs.  (tear).  So crazy that my leetle lovebug is getting so big! 
Aves was this age when Cameron was born (actually about a month younger), and it's just so crazy to think back to how OLD we thought Averton was.  Sweet little nugget was still SUCH a teeny baby and had to take on the big sis role.  But man, she did SO great at it, and continues to bring joy to my life by being SUCH a sweet, tenderhearted, caring big sis.  
Love my girlies.  

And LOVE these pigtails :)

Game 6

God told Joshy he was going to hit a homerun last night.  And he did. 

"2 outs.  2 strikes.  2 times.  SERIOUSLY??"  I think that's GOTTA be what Wash is saying here...

Post-game scene in my garage.  No words needed.

Bring it, Game 7.  Best World Series EVER.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to Score World Series Tickets on Gameday!!

  1. Watch Standing Room Only ticket prices on the gameday immediately preceding the day of the game you'd actually like to attend.  They will most likely drop continually as gametime approaches.
  2. Convince yourself that this same trend will occur tomorrow.
  3. Book babysitter for tomorrow's game as a "just in case we score tickets" safety net (thinking that "duh, you totally will...")
  4. Watch tickets obsessively on gameday.  They will most likely stay higher than they did the previous day, but will still trend downwards.
  5. ...Until lunch.  Freak out when you check prices AFTER lunch and they have SKYROCKETED.
  6. Watch in horror as they continue to climb...and climb... and climb.
  7. Tell babysitter to come even though you don't have tickets.  You'll "figure it out".  You'll just have a date night if there are no tickets in your future (all the while both knowing that you have NO intentions of letting the night slip away without getting your hands on some friggin tickets!)
  8. Head out to a dinner date with your hubby.  You'll just text some people from Craigslist who listed their tix for $600 each until you find someone desperate enough to hook you up with an 80% discount
  9. Act like driving through Chick-fil-A was TOTALLY what you had in mind when you agreed to a "dinner date".  And DOWN that cookies'n'cream milkshake with pure bliss :)
  10. Visit the nearest ATM to draw out your maximum "willing to pay" price per ticket in cash.  You're headed to the stadium to find some people roaming about who just happen to have a few extra tix.  Perfectly legal of course.
  11. Park insanely far away, one space away from some abandoned train cars chillin on the railroad track.  Say a quick prayer (or 12) that your car (and all of your possessions) are still there when you return, which could be after the game...OR 30 minutes.
  12. As some dude asks you if you need tickets, and you respond yes, follow him into the nearest strip mall, because like he said, "We can't do anything on the street because of the city ordinance.  Follow me."  Totally understandable.
  13. Giggle to yourselves as the 2 dudes in front of you shell out $350... EACH!... for tickets in the farthest possible seats the stadium has to offer.  You know these seats are the farthest possble seats because the seller busted out a laser-pointer to show them their seat location on the giant poster adorning the wall behind you.  Nice little make-shift "ticket office" they've got here.
  14. Try to breathe in teeny tiny short breaths, taking in the least amount of oxygen possible.  You don't want to get high off the unbelievable amounts of marijuana infiltrating the air in this shady place.
  15. Peace out when the dude behind the desk informs you that even though game starts in 7 minutes, SRO tix are still $350.  
  16. Stroll around the stadium looking for shady characters.
  17. Pretend it's totally normal that the men you pass whisper in your ear, "tickets..."  "hey... you shoppin'?"   or "i got some.  follow me..." but don't slow down.  You'll figure out that you're just supposed to follow them until they stop to lean against a tree or tie their shoe.
  18. As you discover that what you once though was a competition is really a massive network of ticket scalpers, you name your price and take the first tickets that are flashed in your face.  Besides, all you want is to get into the game.  You've got the greatest standing room only secret at Texas Rangers Stadium (and your friends are saving your seat in hopes you really did "figure it out")
  19. After making the exchange, be sure to take off on a mad sprint toward the entrance gate.  Otherwise, as you mosey back toward the stadium, the guy might notice that you shortchanged him $100 (accidentally...promise!).  He might whisper, "hey. sir.  excuse me, sir..." ever so gently.  And then being the sweet little lady that you are, you might turn around and yell at your husband who is well on his way to the gate that he needs to come give this shady character "his" money.  I mean... honesty is the name of the game, right?  Even when dealing with shady illegal ticket scalpers.... 
  20. Breathe a sigh of relief as the little ticket scanner blinks green and the ticket lady tells you to, "have fun, go rangers!"
The tickets were legit.  You are OFFICIALLY at The World Series!

Go Rangers   :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

World Series!!!

Okay.  So if you know me, you know that I love sports.  Love Love Love.  Sports played a big time role in my (& my fam's) life growing up, and they continue to be a massive part of my life with B-Riz & the leetle gals :) When it comes to professional sports,  I always have & always will be a big time Houston Astros/Rockets/Oilers Texans fan.  BUT, living in DFW, I have come to really enjoy watching & rooting on the Rangers!

Our seats were terrif! :)  But really, ANY seat would have been terrif if you ask me...
We've had people over to grill out for pretty much every single playoff game.  Super fun.  We're loving it.  (Minus the fact that it's cutting pretty drastically into my sleep regimen!)  Well... our great friends, the Wegs, have a pack of season tix they share with their fellow-Ranger-fan-buddies.  In addition, they purchased 2 tix to share for the playoffs/World Series.  Since Greg & Casizzle were going on Monday night, B-Riz and I decided "what the heck...why not now!?"  Although I would have been in heaven had I been watching my 'Stros dominate a World Series game, I had a super totally terrific time.  Def one of my new fave memories :)  I don't have much of a bucket list, but 2 things I want to do are to attend a baseball game in every Major League Baseball stadium in the US....and go to the World Series!!!  

Cute boys.  So pumped :)

Casizzzzzlllllle!!  Our first World Series!!
There's just something about sitting in a sports arena, surrounded by big time fans donning their teams colors, cheering their hearts out, biting their nails when the outcome is yet to be determined, watching the best athletes in the country play a sport at an elite level for a LIVING (um, how cool)... it makes my heart beat a little quicker and puts a smile on my face.  :)  I had the greatest time with my boo at a sporting event that I thought I wouldn't have the luxury of attending for many years!  THANKS B-Riz for a supercool date.  Loved every second.  
FRAMER.  Look at that backdrop.  World Series, I love you.  And you too B-Riz ;)
The ticket sitch is kind of a funny story...but I'll save that for manana.  I am WIPED (after a late night w/the Rangers and an early morning BOOTCAMP wake up call!)  My bed is calling softly to me and I am ELATED to hit the hay before 9p :)  Here's to an off-night for the Rangers and a great night's sleep for the Bradford household. 

Go Rangers!!  But, don't worry Astros, you still hold the key to the baseball chamber of my heart ;)
Staged.  But NOT unrealistic :)

Do you Vote?

Question:  Do you vote?  Do you think it's important to vote?  Has your opinion on that issue changed over the years?

Do you educate yourselves on presidential candidates?  What they stand for?  Their morals?  Their faith?  Their families?  Their stance on "the issues"?  Their political "plans"?

If so, HOW do you educate yourself?  Do you just rad their websites?  Do you watch the debates?  Do you watch CNN/MSNBC/FOXNews for the latest commentary on each candidate?

What do you base your votes on?  Do you vote for the candidate who's personal morals/values/beliefs are most in line with yours?  Or is it the one who you agree with on the highest percentage of pop issues?  Is it based heavily on their political party affiliation, e.g. Republican vs Democrat?

I find myself more and more interested/burdened with the duty of voting as I get older.  A lot of people think this is a touchy subject to discuss, but I am super interested in other opinions/thoughts!  This is your permission to share with honesty and transparency!  No judgments.  No offenses taken.  :)

Bunco Halloween!!

Earlier this month, my Bunco ladies brought our hubbys along for a night of costumed Bunco entertainment!  Upon the mention of costumes, B-Riz knew EXACTLY what he was going to be:  The Most Incredible Man.  The trick was coming up with a coordinating costume for myself.  Since I didn't want to hang out all night dressed as a bottle of beer, we steered clear of the Dos Equis costume and instead, I donned a pirate costume (my female excuse for Captain Morgan!)  Brian dressed the part and then we used adhesive strips to attach fake hair for a beard/mustache.  After spray painting it silver and adding a GENEROUS amount of bronzer to the ensemble, he looked pretty convincing!  And of course he carried around Dos Equis all night.  We had SO much fun hanging out, eating dinner, showing the boys how Bunco really works (B was a great sport, but most of the fellows were NOT entertained), dance partying it up, and embodying our characters for the night to best of our abilities ;)  Love my girlfraaans and am seriously thankful to have the blessing of their friendship in my life up here in North Dallas!

Pat, our gracious host, welcomed us into his/her home with gladness.  He/She served a delish dinner and entertained us with his/her humor & wit all night long... Thanks Pat! ;)
At dinner, each seat was set with festive halloween dishes and random kitchen utensils we were forced to use instead of the traditional fork/knife/spoon combo.  When Pat is in the house, nothing is traditional. 
My fave costumes of the night.  Hands down.
Snookie & The Situation showed up and stole all of our money.  Awesome.
Cute Boys: M&M, Teacher/Nerd, The Most Interesting Man, Construction Worker, Soccer Player.
The Ladies!:  Sarah Ruth, Referee, Penguin, M&M, Snook, Captain Morganette, Baby"Bump" in the Road, Cheerleader, Referee... Love my girrrrls!

Friday, October 14, 2011

CBS Dallas: Pink Pride Brides

Click the link below to check out a 2 min clip that CBS Dallas ran on Pink Pride Brides this morning! Tickets are $10, proceeds go to women battling breast cancer, and who doesn't love a little bridal fashion? Buy you tickets {or donate!} now and join the cause!!

Latest Videos « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teeth & The Paci

Little Cam Cam did super awesome at the dentist!  She cried (of course) while the x rays were happening, and while they were feeling all around in her mouth, but stopped IMMEDIATELY when they were done (which was seriously shocking) and was just a jolly little nugget full of smiles and waves for everyone!  Super thankful for that.

The x rays looked root damage!  Woohooooo!  They think the teeth will gradually move back into their normal position.  They WILL bruise (just like a normal body bruise, but it lasts for 6-12 months. Yikes.)  SO glad it's her baby teeth and not her permanents :)   Their only real concern is the damage to her gums & the looseness of her teeth.  We're back to the diet of a 6-month old.  Nothing firm or crunchy.  Only super soft foods and NO MORE PACI (this was a terrifying revelation for me) for the next 6 weeks so that her upper teeth/gums can try to heal.

The food is no biggie.  The paci, however, made me almost sick.  Breaking Avery from her paci was one of the most horrific experiences of my life as a momma.  To this day, I think it was the most traumatic thing Aves has ever been through.  I'm sure you remember my emotionally burdened state when I wrote this post or this one.  Our experience with Aves led us to the decision that we would take Cam's paci BEFORE she hit "2".  Well... this just came a little earlier than we had planned.  Oh well :)  Still though, the thought of taking her one form of self-soothing from her at such a traumatic time made me SO sad!!

The outcome?  Her first paci-less nap-time consisted of about 50 minutes of IRRITATED screams/crying.  Then about 30 minutes of sleep.  That night when I put her down... NOT A PEEP.  And same thing for naptime and bedtime today.  NO CRYING!  Whoa.  Thank you JESUS for sparing me from the paci-weaning-induced emotional treachery I am all too familiar with :)

Yay Camcam!  Hope you reallllyyyyy like boiled carrots, brocolli, & yogurt, my sweet!!

Fashion Show to support Breast Cancer!!

So I'm super excited about this Fashion Show that I get to be a part of next week.  Kimberly Rhodes' inaugural Pink Pride Brides event is taking place next Tuesday from 7-9p.  It's a Fashion Show featuring 2011/2012 Bridal & Bridesmaid looks {from Mockingbird Bridal Boutique in Dallas} and all the proceeds go to a super cool non-profit, The Bridge Breast Network, that supports un- or under-insured women battling breast cancer!  If you live in or near the Dallas area, you need to come out, enjoy some GORGEOUS bridal looks, and enjoy beer/wine/hors'devours/cupcakes...all for only $10!  There will be some cool door prizes (mostly packages from weddings vendors, photographers, florists, event planners, etc...)

Mainly though, come out to support the fight against breast cancer!  If you know anyone who has fought this disease (and I would guess that you do!), you know it is a big-time financial burden...well, a burden in every way, really.  Please take this chance to alleviate some of the financial burden for a few women by buying a ticket to Pink Pride Brides, OR by donating to the cause!

Monday, October 10, 2011

If you drink coffee, you MUST read this!!

Like I said before, one of my very best friends in the universe (basically my seester!) and her hubby have begun the process to adopt a sweet little bundle of love.  Just Love Coffee is a supercool organization that supports couples trying to adopt by offering them a small percentage of their coffee sales to go toward their adoption costs.  PLEASE PLEASE support Lance & Kayla by skipping out on buying coffee from your local joints, and buying super delicious imported coffee from Baby Agan's Just Love Coffee Website!  They offer gourmet coffees from Costa Rica, Honduras, Rwanda,& a bunch more! 

I'm placing my first order today!  Something even cooler?  2 bags ships for the same price as one!  If you drink coffee, you might as well help provide a home for a sweet baby in the process by clicking here to choose your coffee and make the PURCHASE!   For each bag purchased, Lance & Kayla {and baby Agan!} receive $5 into their adoption fund!

Can't wait to meet my sweet little niece :) AND can't wait to see these 2 be super amazing parents to a super blessed little lovebug.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tx-OU Weekend...

It's no secret that we love our Texas Longhorns over here @ The Bradford Casa.  Brian and I have season tickets (to all the home games) every year, but since the Red River Rivalry is played at a neutral location, we have to enter a "lottery" for those tickets.  Since we got married, we have YET to get tickets to that game.  Bummer right?  Wellll this year we broke our streak and finally got tix.  Woohoo!  Brian proposed to me 5 years ago (from Saturday), so it was the perfect little celebration.  Funny story actually...

Back when was in college, I made the trip to Dallas EVERY year for Tx-OU weekend.  It was one of the highlights of every year!  LOVED it.  Love the atmosphere.  Love the neverending sea of maroon & orange.  Love the intensity of the rivalry.  Love the fair.  Love the roadtrippage.  Just...SO much fun in SO many ways.  So... since Brian and I were dating during my senior year, we discussed the weekend plans, and he didn't want to go!!  WHAT?!??  I was SO ticked and annoyed with him.  But, I'm pretty sure I was super nice about it :)  Thank goodness.  Because it turns out he had some pretty sweet plans up his sleeve.  He totally surprised me by popping the big question.  I thought he was just being extra nice because he knew I was superbummed we weren't going to the game.  Um.  SO beyond worth missing the game haha.  :)  One of the greatest nights of my life! 

Anyway... B-Riz and I were pumped to enjoy an entire game of UT football without any interruption from babies :)  We enjoyed the pregame and 1st quarter.  We didn't love the start of the 2nd quarter.  Could barely stand the end of the first half.  Annnnd headed out to the fair at halftime!  We caught bits and pieces of the game as we passed screens and kept up on our phones while enjoying yummy food & drinks at the fair before heading home. 

I was on a mission to try something weird & fried.  BUT...I couldn't pass up a frito pie, roasted corn (YUM!) & frozen sweet tea, so there was no room in my tummy for anything else!  Seriously... we grill corn around here all the time, but roasted corn from the Texas State Fair canNOT be beat.    AND...that frozen sweet tea was the most delish and refreshing drink I've ever had in my life!  I'm pretty I'm going back to the fair JUST for some corn & frozen tea.  Who's with me?

So... although the Horns game was ROUGH, there are a couple of positives to note:
  1. It's a teeny bit satisfying to me that all the Garrett-Gilbert haters can no longer pretend like he was the reason Texas struggled through so many games.  When your line can't give you any time, it doesn't matter how good you are, you're not going to be successful.  Props to OU though.  Those dudes are good.
  2. When you come home to this level of cuteness, it doesn't matter HOW painful the game was.  Life is good ;)
 Hook 'em!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Camcam's Teethies

I took C-Lil to the doc this morning for a follow up on her fall-induced mouth injuries.  My little preciousness is healing up well, but Dr.Bain confirmed that her front teeth have been jammed up into the gum and caused some "significant trauma". Bummer dude.  We have to see a pediatric dentist next week to assess the damage and let them tell us if it will heal itself or not.  Praying for the former!!  It's totally making me sad to watch my little Caminator push all of her food to the back of her mouth bc she can't use her front teeth! 

On the up side of things... UT v OU manana!!! Can't wait to catch the fair and the game w the hub!!!  Hook em!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Agan in Ethiopia!!

One of my very most bestest friends in the whooooole wide world {and her terrif hub} have official begun the process to adopt a sweet little soul from Ethiopia!  Keep up with their journey and stay up to date on their prayer requests through her blog:  Our Happy Life

There are few things I can imagine would make me happier than the thoughts currently swirling around my mind of my dear Kayla Jane becoming a mommy, the thought of some super-blessed little child being raised and loved by Kayla & Lance, or the pictures in my mind of my kids and Kayla's kids growing old together as friends for life!!

Love you Kayla Jane!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twitter Consolidation!!

Since I launched my Fitness Business, I have been managing 2 twitter accounts:  1 personal, 1 business.  WHOA.  It gets a little OOC to try to keep up with TWO separate accounts.  I have felt SO limited in what I can "tweet" about with each account.  Because there have been 2, I feel as though I'm not "allowed" to tweet about anything fitness/business related with my personal account, which limits my accessibility.  On the other hand, I feel like I can't tweet about anything relating to ME or my life when using my biz account, which makes my biz account completely void of any personality.  Solution?  CONSOLIDATE!!  Next week, I'm deleting my business twitter account {@thegoodlife_tx} and sticking to a single account!  I also JUST decided to change my "handle" from @roxybradford to @RoxyBGoodLife.  Nice little combo of me AND what I represent :)  Feel free to follow to hop on over to twitter and follow me to keep Hangin' with the Bradfords, AND for access to relevant fitness/health/wellness info!  Yay :)  Burden Lifted.