Tuesday, October 25, 2011

World Series!!!

Okay.  So if you know me, you know that I love sports.  Love Love Love.  Sports played a big time role in my (& my fam's) life growing up, and they continue to be a massive part of my life with B-Riz & the leetle gals :) When it comes to professional sports,  I always have & always will be a big time Houston Astros/Rockets/Oilers Texans fan.  BUT, living in DFW, I have come to really enjoy watching & rooting on the Rangers!

Our seats were terrif! :)  But really, ANY seat would have been terrif if you ask me...
We've had people over to grill out for pretty much every single playoff game.  Super fun.  We're loving it.  (Minus the fact that it's cutting pretty drastically into my sleep regimen!)  Well... our great friends, the Wegs, have a pack of season tix they share with their fellow-Ranger-fan-buddies.  In addition, they purchased 2 tix to share for the playoffs/World Series.  Since Greg & Casizzle were going on Monday night, B-Riz and I decided "what the heck...why not now!?"  Although I would have been in heaven had I been watching my 'Stros dominate a World Series game, I had a super totally terrific time.  Def one of my new fave memories :)  I don't have much of a bucket list, but 2 things I want to do are to attend a baseball game in every Major League Baseball stadium in the US....and go to the World Series!!!  

Cute boys.  So pumped :)

Casizzzzzlllllle!!  Our first World Series!!
There's just something about sitting in a sports arena, surrounded by big time fans donning their teams colors, cheering their hearts out, biting their nails when the outcome is yet to be determined, watching the best athletes in the country play a sport at an elite level for a LIVING (um, how cool)... it makes my heart beat a little quicker and puts a smile on my face.  :)  I had the greatest time with my boo at a sporting event that I thought I wouldn't have the luxury of attending for many years!  THANKS B-Riz for a supercool date.  Loved every second.  
FRAMER.  Look at that backdrop.  World Series, I love you.  And you too B-Riz ;)
The ticket sitch is kind of a funny story...but I'll save that for manana.  I am WIPED (after a late night w/the Rangers and an early morning BOOTCAMP wake up call!)  My bed is calling softly to me and I am ELATED to hit the hay before 9p :)  Here's to an off-night for the Rangers and a great night's sleep for the Bradford household. 

Go Rangers!!  But, don't worry Astros, you still hold the key to the baseball chamber of my heart ;)
Staged.  But NOT unrealistic :)

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