Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bunco Halloween!!

Earlier this month, my Bunco ladies brought our hubbys along for a night of costumed Bunco entertainment!  Upon the mention of costumes, B-Riz knew EXACTLY what he was going to be:  The Most Incredible Man.  The trick was coming up with a coordinating costume for myself.  Since I didn't want to hang out all night dressed as a bottle of beer, we steered clear of the Dos Equis costume and instead, I donned a pirate costume (my female excuse for Captain Morgan!)  Brian dressed the part and then we used adhesive strips to attach fake hair for a beard/mustache.  After spray painting it silver and adding a GENEROUS amount of bronzer to the ensemble, he looked pretty convincing!  And of course he carried around Dos Equis all night.  We had SO much fun hanging out, eating dinner, showing the boys how Bunco really works (B was a great sport, but most of the fellows were NOT entertained), dance partying it up, and embodying our characters for the night to best of our abilities ;)  Love my girlfraaans and am seriously thankful to have the blessing of their friendship in my life up here in North Dallas!

Pat, our gracious host, welcomed us into his/her home with gladness.  He/She served a delish dinner and entertained us with his/her humor & wit all night long... Thanks Pat! ;)
At dinner, each seat was set with festive halloween dishes and random kitchen utensils we were forced to use instead of the traditional fork/knife/spoon combo.  When Pat is in the house, nothing is traditional. 
My fave costumes of the night.  Hands down.
Snookie & The Situation showed up and stole all of our money.  Awesome.
Cute Boys: M&M, Teacher/Nerd, The Most Interesting Man, Construction Worker, Soccer Player.
The Ladies!:  Sarah Ruth, Referee, Penguin, M&M, Snook, Captain Morganette, Baby"Bump" in the Road, Cheerleader, Referee... Love my girrrrls!

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